Bike/run dual setup at startup for brick sessions

Zwift, we would like a dual start setup option - to set up riding and running (all sensors - including in the companion app) for brick workouts - and a transition button on the screen when in dual mode. Pressing the T button makes a short break while putting on running shoes. Pressing it again is the start of the running. And if one press it again, you get into transition again and then back to the bike etc. Then we do not have to waste time ending a ride and restarting a workout setup :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You don’t have to restart Zwift to switch between sports, just go to the Pairing Screen.

For me, I wouldn’t want my sensors for the other sport connected to Zwift until I was ready for them, seems that suggestion would cause unnecessary drain of the batteries. For reference I sometimes bike for up to 3 hours before switching to a run.

Getting the sensors connected takes just a few seconds for me.

I guess this could be useful for super brick sessions (10km bike, 2km run, short break, 10km ride, 2km run, short break, 10km ride, 2km run.)

Well, that often does not work right. And you do not have to use the dual setup. But it would be great for actual brick sessions, where you swap between riding and running several times. For instance 4 x (5-10 km riding + 2,5 km running). This is almost impossible to do on Zwift because you have to fiddle with sensor setups too often - hence the effects of going right from the bike to running and running to riding, are lost.

Ya, I agreed it would could work for Super Bricks. Now for long rides followed by a run I don’t think it is a good idea. Having your run pod connected to Zwift during a 3 hour ride would unnecessarily drain the battery.

It does not take that long to get sensors to connect to Zwift.

How long is it currently taking you and how long between switching from riding to run (or vice versa) do you think the effect is lost?

I have a lot of trouble switching between cycling and running. Often times Zwift will glitch out and I have to shut it down to get it to connect to my sensors at all. By then the transition has lost its effect. I don’t wear my running shoes on my bike, so having the Zwift foot pod connected while I’m cycling wouldn’t be a problem for me. They wait patiently for me on the treadmill and it would be nice to just have to “wake it up” and go. I would really appreciate a way to record a brick workout without having to reconnect my sensors every time. Also, I consider it to be one workout and I would like to record it that way.

How long do you think it takes before the transition between bike to run effect is lost? (it’s actually long that you think).

I can restart Zwift within a minute if needed and that includes connecting the sensors. If are using Windows 10 with a mechanical drive I would suggest upgrading it to a SSD.

I will have to time it next time, but I think probably about 10 minutes. I am using Apple TV. It’s frustrating. The screen gets all crazy and I have to shut the program down and restart. That’s after trying to get it to work for a little while so I guess if I see it glitching our I could just immediately shut down and restart it, but there’s also time spent ending my cycling workout, uploading it, changing into my sneakers, backing out of the cycling program to switch to “run” trying to connect the sensor and then running into the problem, trying to back out, ending up having to shut it down and restart, sometimes it doesn’t work and I have to restart again…you see how the time can add up. A good solution would start with not having to end the the initial workout in the first place and just being able to continue on. Bonus points if it times the transition for you!! That would be ideal.

I can start Zwift in a minute too, assuming I’m doing the same thing I did last in the program. It’s switching between cycling and running where I run into problems.