Easy switching between riding and runs

I’d like to see easier switching between riding and runs for brick sessions.

At the moment i have to keep saving and exiting, then restart the app. One problem i find; is the countdown on the sensor screen can be a bit quick, if its set to run and i want to ride or visa versa.


You can already do bricks on Zwift without restarting the app, just go back to the pairing screen and switch between the 2.

Thanks Paul, i think i understand what you mean, for example:

  1. start a ride
  2. on completing ride, rather than selecting ‘end ride’, go to menu and select ‘pair’ option
  3. when pair screen displays, change ride to run
  4. begin run setup as normal

I suppose my supplementary question: does Zwift automatically save the ride, or does it give an option at some point when changing between the two? I’ve always saved and exited as a precaution.


To answer your question Stephen, this is a bug. The ride is supposed to be saved automatically after you ride or run the minimum distance. Right now it does not save any of that progress (or at least display it on your dashboard at my.zwift.com). Thanks for bringing this up! We’ll update you on the progress. 

Kinda long; didn’t read: End your ride and save before switching!