Save and quit frustration!

Why oh why have zwift not sorted out a ‘just save’ function instead of ‘save and quit’! If I’m wanting to do a brick session I’ve got to reload zwift all over again which takes a heck of a lot longer than it takes for me to take of my bike shoes and stick on my trainers!!!

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You could just go to the Pairing Screen and switch sports.

What are the specs of your Zwift machine?

If you are using a Win10 PC I would suggest an SSD.

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still should be an option to quit to the main menu…
pretty strange that this is not an option, don’t know a lot of software that doesnt have this.

Didn’t say there shouldn’t be an option.

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I’ve got a pretty low spec elite turbo trainer. It does the job. I use an ok old laptop for zwift which is ridiculously slow. I don’t let my shiny new SSD one anywhere near the sweatfest that is zwift :sweat_smile:. I don’t think you can change from ride to run midway through an activity??? I’ll need to investigate further…



  • Ride your bike like you normally do
  • Once you are done riding, DON’T End your ride . Basically, don’t press the End button.
  • Go to the pairing screen (press the A key on your keyboard) or menu button > pairing
  • Switch to Running mode and pair your footpod
  • Hit Back and start running

Here is a video demonstrating it:

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Amazing. Thanks. I’ll try that out and hopefully it sends the right info to Strava etc. I wonder if it work with a bike run bike run workout???..…. :thinking: