Windows Zwift - Allow Save Without Exit

I’m aware that this has already been brought up YEARS AGO, but perhaps it needs to be refreshed.

First, the tech:

  • OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1
  • Zwift Version: 1.0.39 (via Control Panel > Programs and Features. Zwift version is different at app startup)
  • Trainer: CycleOps Hammer
  • Connection: ANT+ via dongle

Now the problem:

I’ve only been riding Zwift for about a month. Great app.  But many times I’ve entered a structured workout or group ride that I decide I don’t want to (or can’t) complete, BUT I want to continue riding (cool down or another workout, etc). The only way to save the first ride and start another is to Save and Exit, which is somewhat of a pain since the app isn’t fast loading and the trainer (and HR monitor) has to reconnect. And what if my second choice of a ride isn’t ideal either? Save and Exit and wait. And this has happened many times.

I get that Zwift is maintaining code for multiple platforms/OSs, which isn’t easy, but this seemingly-simple update has been requested for at least TWO YEARS. Since I’m new to Zwift, I’m not married to it. There are plenty of other options out there for virtual riding that give me similar options AND appear to have a development team that cares about making the product better.

So just do it, Zwift.

I started reading your post & thought you made a valid point, then you just became rude & obnoxious. To insinuate the development team don’t care is your particular low point.
Enjoy whatever other app you decide to use.

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I’d also love the ability to stop a ride and switch to something else without having to close the game. This seems like one of the most basic features that should be included.

I have to agree with Larry re this option. I have only ridden for a short time too and kept looking for a similar option but in the end I have had to save and exit each time and then restart the app which is quite time consuming. If this option could be included it would make the usability of the app, in my humble opinion, much better!

This is a huge problem if your computer is a bit older. Since upgrading, I can now quickly get back running if I’m on a schedule for a race…but, I also like the idea of my record for the day being continuous if I hop out of a training ride and into another event, or just switch events in the beginning when I realized I hit the wrong event