Remain logged in after finishing a ride

(Stuart Davis) #1

When you exit an activity and either discard or save, please don’t quit the app!

I’d like to stay logged in and start another session, it’s a pain to have to get off the bike, go over to my laptop and log in again, while dripping sweat everywhere!



(Roberta Abbott) #2

Completely agree.  This seems like such an obvious shortcoming of Zwift.  I’m surprised it hasn’t been addressed yet.

(Jerry Bob) #3

totally agree. logged into support to suggest such a feature just now. i often end a ride only to log in again to check settings.i’d also like to see a ‘remember me’ prompt at log in so one doesn’t have to always input password. seem most users want this feature. 

(Ben Brawn) #4

I literally thought it was crashing on save, but it was the intended behaviour!

(Stuart Davis) #5

Funny, I thought that too. It wasn’t until I’d seen it dump you out after saving an activity for everyone else I know that I realised it wasn’t just crashing.

If Homer Simpson made a Windows app eh… lol

(Lewis Cooper) #6

Another +1.  I don’t understand why on earth it does this.

(Carl Philip Heimdal) #7

Yes. Why would the app close unless you ask it to do so?

(Richard Sudworth) #8

Until I found this feature request I thought it was a bug!

(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #9

Similar request:

(Malcolm McPherson) #10

I can’t believe there are these posts with a lot of support from users to have the feature requested and yet nothing has been done except for “we’re looking into it” which I’m sure has been macro’d into a hotkey by the Zwift HQ staff. The PC platform should have the same features as the Mobile Link app for those of use that don’t want to have multiple devices running.

I know of this little company called Blizzard that became a huge company. They too ignored a lot of their customers requests (but not before making $quillions) I hope this company doesn’t do the same thing because I see this as a similar situation.

(Sean Daly) #11

I want to +1 this as well and add that I’m often trying to just get back to the events/workout selection.  There doesn’t seem to be a way back to this page without exiting.

(Malcolm McPherson) #12

I believe you can get back to the workouts on PC by pressing the ‘E’ key and there are a few other features but not enough! Have a look here at an unofficial guide. It has some handy info.