Allow Saves Without Exit

(Vincent W.) #1

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Please allow us to end and save our rides without logging out. Often after a ride is over, there are things I want to still do within the app. It is a royal pain to have to log back in again to do them.

Start a new event from in game menu
(Steve Copeland) #2

Gets my vote!

(Daniel Harrison) #3

Yes please!

(i van) #4


This would also be useful after you have finished an event and want to continue your workout. Would be nice to be able to split the session into two workouts without having to exit and repair everything.

(Peter Costello) #5

I agree entirely.

(D🐺 P🐺) #6

100 percent agreed!

(Jeffrey Jakusz) #7

Yes! I prefer to have my session safely saved off then go back and try on the new items I have unlocked :smile:

(Peter Coluccio) #8

Yes to save without exit.

(Otto Rivers) #9

I vote YEAH !!!

(Louis Core) #10

Gets my vote. I hate is when the game crashes during a long ride and I lose all meters I’ve climbed. I gotta get that Tron bike!

(Danny Kerry) #11

Another vote fornthis feature!

(I M Gandu) #12

Here, here! I second that as well. Well said.

(Mark Fisher) #14

Please please do this.

Being able to get back to main menu rather than making the app go through it’s startup detection routine and login to zwift would save a lot of time. Particularly when trying to change between workouts, e.g. going from a personal warmup to a group event, as the application doesn’t always pop up the “event starting soon” prompt (another bug).

It’s so frustrating when the application doesn’t recognise that I have an event coming up while I’m doing a personal warm up, and when I’m a couple of minutes away from the start of the new event and I have to quit all the way out and come back in to make the event fire. Needless panic I could do without in the minutes before joining an event.

(Michael) #15

I also would appreciate this new feature highly.

(Tom McLoughlin) #16

+1. Gets my vote too. Rather irritating having to close it down eveytime.

(Frank Van Puyenbroeck) #17

Yes, I would like these changes also

(Collin Yates) #18

Absolutely - especially after a race. I like to ‘cool’ down after a race, but that then skews all my performance stats like Avg Power etc - which was much higher during race.

(Jason Fitchew) #19

Gets my vote too please

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(Bri Sparrow) #20

Agreed, would this also allow you to access the change route option without restarting? :grin:

(D Thr33 Com) #21

yes please