Zwift ride not saving

(James Brown) #1

Hi, I’ve just completed a tough 1hr training ride, I’ve finished the ride, hit save and it naturally closes the app (on MacBook Pro). But nothing has saved in Zwift, Strava, Training Peaks or Garmin Connect. Essentially, the ride didn’t happen.

Performed a 5 min test ride afterwards, but still didn’t work either.

Any thoughts or any others had this trouble?


Same issue with rides not saving
Zwift not saving rides or uploading to any 3rd party apps
(Paul) #2

Is the .fit file in \documents\activities\Zwift if so you can manually upload it to Strava, TP and Garmin.

Sounds like an internet connection issue.

(Brett Smith) #3

I have a similar issue first time using Zwift tonght somehow managed to change my password mid ride as was fiddling then pressed save ride and it mentioned that I had changed my password not associated with that account so not sure where my ride saved ?

(James Brown) #4

Thanks Paul, that did it.

One to remember for the next time!

Thanks alot!

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(James Brown) #5

Hi Brett,

Not sure if you got the notification from Paul’s comment, but check your Zwift files saved to your computer, hopefully it’s there.

He’d said “Is the .fit file in \documents\activities\Zwift if so you can manually upload it to Strava, TP and Garmin”

Hopefully that works for you too!

(Hakan Ling) #6

I have the same issue and use the zwift ipad app. Starting yesterday, there is some issue with saving the rides. I did one ride yesterday and one today. None of them appear in the Zwift companion activity feed or on Strava. One (!) of the rides have been exported to Trainingpeaks.

Is there any way to find the files on my ipad?

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(El Stevo) #7

Hey I’m having the exact same problem on iPad, did 2 activities today and neither seems to have saved to zwift or strava, that included the Stage 1 tour, hope it resolves

(Miri Del Sol) #8

Me too. The same issue:hushed:

(Miri Del Sol) #9

Any I am still riding and no one is able to see me. No ride on!

(Patrick Kleine) #10

here the same. cant find it any where even not in zwift feed

(Chris Greene) #11

Same for me on Apple TV today, and yesterday. Rubbish! No way to get the .fit file from the Apple TV either…

(Patrick Kleine) #12

this what strava says after uploading

The upload appears to be malformed and we are unable to process it.

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(Eric Brown) #13

I did a ride last night and one again this morning. iPhone app. Everything looked fine at the end of the ride but NOTHING saved on Zwift/Strava/Garmin. Updated app, rode 1/2 mile. Saved it. Shows as 0 on my Zwift acct but still nothing on Garmin or Strava. Huge pain. You are not alone in this! LOL

(Colin Wilson) #14

I have the same problem. Have just finished a 1 hour ride to find that it has not been saved on Zwift, Garmin or Strava. Raging !!

(Eric Brown) #15

Raging? Really? I mean it’s upsetting for sure but “rage”? LOL. Try updating your app. It still didn’t auto load to Strava but I was able to then find the fit file and manually upload it. Hope team Zwift gets this figured out soon.

(Mike Buehring (Deschutes Cx)) #16

Been using zwift for a couple years and never had this issue. Ride not saving or uploading. I can find the fit files by tapping the zwift logo in app. Reset iPad, updated zwift still will not upload new or missing rides. Also will not show training program rides completed even if I manually select “I did it”.

(Marie Findlay) #17

Same issue for me - did a 40 minute ride last night and an hour this morning. I can see both the files by double clicking the logo but not showing on Zwift, Strava or Garmin. I did last nights ride on iPad and this morning’s ride on phone. Must be a bug!

How do I manually load the files to Strava?

(Colin Wilson) #18

Ok Eric. I take your point. I am annoyed not raging but when you knock your pan in for an hour and then find that according to Zwift, etc, your ride never took place surely you can understand what I mean.

(James Brown) #19

Hi guys,

Just incase those have found this thread via the title and only read the last few comments. If you’re on a computer, then you should be able to receive the .fit file through the raw output files which it leaves on your machine, found in \documents\activities\zwift\activities.

If it says the file is corrupted, make sure you’re selecting the .fit file around the time you started the ride, instead of when you finished it. Then you’ll be able to add to Strava and Garmin as normal. Marie, to add a ride, go to the top right hand side of Strava dashboard page once logged in on a desktop/computer (not mobile), then select ‘upload activity’. Here you can upload your .fit file.

Sorry if you’re on an iPad/Apple TV, I hope they fix the bug and you get your rides back. When I first had the issue, I added the ride manually (if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen, right?), where you can include distance, speed, elevation, time, etc. The only thing you’ll be missing is HR and Power data (which is annoying I know).

I hope this helps at least one person.

Good luck,

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(Hakan Ling) #20

Found an instruction for how to find the files on iOS:

Start up the Zwift Application. Tap on the ‘Zwift’ logo 3 times. This open up a browser, allowing you to choose your file (log or .FIT) and email them to whomever you’d like, yourself included.

Emailed to my computer and uploaded to Strava. :ok_hand: