Upload fit file to Zwift

(R Young) #1

I see that many people have requested this, however it appears that the requests have been archived. Please investigate the ability to upload fit files to Zwift where rides have been lost in order to count towards progress.

(Paolo Cecchini5714_ZHR(H)) #2

+1 for me. Paolo

(Michael) #3

I had the same issue. App crashed and progress is lost although the activity is listed but probably corrupt. It would be great to upload manually again from the game by choosing the corresponding fit file.

(Lukas Wacker) #4

I had two times problem with saving… App didn’t crash and I have no clue, why data was not saved (while Zwift was even telling me to save the data and I had not connection problems throughout the hole runs). The more it is frustrating to see your achievements are finally missing!

(Webb Long Team Odz) #5

Given that the .fit files are generated by Zwift, it seems odd that we can’t upload them

(Scott Walker) #6

+1. This has happened to me several times where I get disconnected from the server. We can upload our fit file to garmin and starala, lets make this happen please. Love the app but this is always a huge inconvience especially when it is during a tour event that we completed but don’t get credit for.

(Fanie St J M ) #7

Same thing happened to me. I was riding Emily’s Short Mix 30 min workout and nothing seemed to have crashed. At the end of my workout, Zwift asked me to name my workout and save. Everything went well, except the file wasn’t saved at all and I could never find it. Then I saw another sort of workout was saved (fit file) with the actual date as the title, but an only 10 min workout, which wasn’t what I just had done. Just like I never did the Emily’s Short Mix even though I saved it at the end… That’s unfortunate.

(Jason Robbins) #8

Even better - since we log into the game anyway, why not have the game “sync” with the folder location where fit files are stored. This way, if a connection is lost, it’ll get picked up and automatically uploaded the next time you ride.

(Jan) #9

I support this request

(Lulu) #10

Same thing happened to me.also problem with saving

(M) #11

Count me in. My 2 plus hour hammer fest lost to the ages. Fix this!!

(Stephen) #12

This gets my vote. I saved and exited but the ride wasn’t shown as completed on my training plan. I managed to upload the .fit file to Strava, so why not Zwift?


Bonjour, je suis nouveau sur ce lien, moi depuis le 20 janvier que j’ai commencé a avoir ces problème, et ca fait 4 fois en ligne que je termine ma course comme ce matin norseman et j’enregistre, mais je ne la voit pas sur compagnon et dans mon profil zwift et en plus je ne la voit pas sur strava, tout est bien configurer, j’ai une connection internet cable 150 méga bit par seconde aller retour et j’ai un ping a 17 ms, ce qui est bizarre ces que zwift power enregistre mon activitée, mais zwift lui meme ne l,enregistre pas tout ce temps mes statistique sur zwift et mes niveau ne montre pas trop, j’ai envoyé plusieurs message zwift support mais je ne recoit pas de réponse, , quelqu’un peut til m’aider directement via forum, merci bien a vous, louis pierre,

(Fw) #14

Just lost my ‘Build Up’ training ride. I believe/hope I can just mark it done and go on.