Upload fit file to Zwift

Lost tour of watopia - stage 1
Very disappointed as first it was very hard to find a time to do the ride (event calendar is really a pain. Barely no choice in the evening - most times while i work) and now i have to do it again :frowning:
Secondly my stats are now wrong. And i care about them.

Just lost my ride on Zwift iOS. Clicking “Save” abruptly booted me to the screen where I can change my user. Checked the companion app, and cannot see my ride!

I can see the FIT files from tapping the Zwift logo 3x, so why isn’t this being uploaded?

Bad how zwift programmers ignore this.

  • 1000 for upload into zwift
  • 1 for me

Another +1, tonight’s session didn’t upload so now it shows that I have missed a session in my training plan.

Same here. I am new to zwift and this is really bugging me.

Yes, please have this feature.
I could get my fit file from ipad zwift app (it would not upload to zwift itself, even when there is no network problems) but cannot put it back into zwift using the computer.


Activity not uploaded to Zwift yesterday (fit file in perfect shape). 8 other people reported same issue in last 24 hours.

Should be relatively simple to implement. Maybe Zwift is afraid of fraude. In that case, maybe they can find a technical solution for that by demanding the log-file as well as the fit-file, and then look with their own server data to check whether the user in question was indeed logged on during (parts of) the ride and that (s)he experienced connection issues. And Zwift could off course flag that activity as manually uploaded, so that cheating is (even) less attractive.

+1 WLAN stuttering for unknown reason. Fit file is fine with Strava so why not upload it to Zwift?