Glitch saving a ride

I did a 2 hour ride this morning and it didn’t save properly for some reason. It shows the majority of the ride on the companion app, but it says “Activity details could not be loaded.” I’ve attached a photo. Is there any way to get the data loaded it, or should I just deal with not getting credit for this ride?
Actual ride was 30.1 miles 1607ft elevation. 2hour ride.!

Thanks for any help.


Sorry, there is no way to recover the ride. You cant upload fit files to Zwift, but you can to strava and some other services.

Zwift uploads the ride’s FIT file at the end of a ride. The upload may fail, either fully or partially - seems there is no built-in mechanism to assure uploaded was correct. It also seems there is no data validation performed on the uploaded file, so it is perfectly possible to have corrupt FIT file in Zwift’s activity feed, which would result as you describe (and although it is a rare event, it did happen to me more than once.)

There is currently no way to manually upload FIT file post ride, nor am I aware of plans to implement such functionality.


Thanks… that’s what I thought. Doing my best not to be a slave to the data… was actually having that conversation with my team during the ride… jinxed myself.

Thx. A manual override would be nice…