Ride not saving correctly or syncing to Strav

Ride took an age to save and then saved an incorrect distance and elevation reading. Strangely the time spent on the bike was longer than the ride!

Also ride did not sync to Strava or Garmin apps.

Terrible customer experience.

What device are you running Zwift on?

If you are on PC or Mac the .fit file sim located in \documents\zwift\activities
For Android and iOS: https://zwiftinsider.com/secret-feature-fit-files-ios/
Once you have the .fir file you can manually upload it (you might have to delete the existing activity first).

Did you have any internet issues during your ride?

Running iOS. No issues with internet connectivity through the ride.

Try manually uploading the .fit file from your iOS device and see if it is correct.

The most likely cause of this is some type of internet issue. I know you said you didn’t notice any, but there still could have been a small blip.

You can also check the .fit file on my.zwift.com

Thanks for the advice.

Bizarrely I have multiple files all for the same ride. Have about 10 files all about 15 mins apart

You might want to drop your log files in https://zwiftalizer.com/ and see if you had any issues during your ride.

Thanks will try that.

Something is definitely wrong as just had another small ride. Saved ride via the main Zwift app but companion app still thinks I am riding and does not register the mileage.

All working and syncing perfectly now. I smell a Zwift issue as other were not able to load rides either.