Rides havent saved

That’s twice my rides haven’t saved, any ideas why?

Hi Mark,

Do you mean they haven’t uploaded to Strava or no rides at all?

You can download the .fit file from your profile https://my.zwift.com/ or you can find the .fit files in your documents folder.

Hi Mark / Bastiaan

I had the same issue today. Rode 35km, pushed upload & exit, and all that Zwift seems to have recorded was 4km.

The ride was also not uploaded to Strava.

I downloaded the .fit file and manually uploaded into Strava, which also says the file is corrupted and that I did 3.7km.

When I started the ride there were lots of other riders, but they all disappeared and I did the rest of the ride by myself. This is the first time that this has happened - it was a bit like those post-apocalypse films!




Hi Mark,

What about the .fit file on your computer? Did you try to upload this one?

Can be found op PC and Mac in Documents\Zwift\Activities

I did ride yesterday as well and there were almost 2000 users online. Upload to Strava went ok, no troubles.

Hi Bastiaan

I will have to check my computer when I get home later today.

I haven’t had this issue before today, so was wondering if something had broken somewhere…

While riding today my PC said there were 568+ riders, but it just didn’t show any of them on the screen. Maybe an internet speed issue at home, although I didn’t struggle with email and other data before I left for work.



Hi Mark,

Yes, this sounds like an internet issue.

Try using a cable instead of wifi. But if you can use email and other internet related stuff I doubt that it has something to do with the connection. Contradictory!

If the file in your documents folder holds all the information about your ride then maybe a temporary connection drop?

Thanks Bastiaan

Will check the file later today


I am having similar issues with my 12wk FTP Builder rides. 3 out of 12 rides have been lost now. Since there is no “SAVE” option, when I select “SAVE and EXIT” the program occasionally seems to “EXIT” before the “SAVE”. That’s my guess. When I immediately log in to see if it saved (after every ride), nothing is shown, as if I had not rode yet. Totally frustrating trying to prepare for an event in Feb. I check my files on this WEB site and they show the date of the 3 rides with (partial) noted. But no data to use from what I can tell and waiting to see if Zwift can recover the data and apply it to my FTP program.

A simple first step is Zwift to change the “SAVE and EXIT” or “DISCARD” to “SAVE” or “DISCARD” at the end of every ride, and then allow for Exit or continue to ride following. Every time I ride, seems I log in/out at least 2 times minimum. Makes no sense. 

I have exactly the same issue


every other ride is corrupted

yesterday I did 1:20:14 ride, but on zwift it is 1:10:00

also I noticed that all riders disappears from the map and I rode alone

so there is no way to get my last 5km, and I have no idea why it is not saved

most annoying thing is that I can’t see analytics for full ride, so thinking to stop using zwift, as my workouts are more important to me right now


Hi Yura,

Did you check Documents\Zwift\Activities?

yes, I have full training on zwift activities

but the first one I get from my.zwift.com

actually files have the same name, but different size


Thanks Bastiaan!

Welcome Yura!!!

Might be a upload problem I think.

I’m experiencing similar issues, joining rides and riders disappear - reappear, swerving all over the place. Tonight did a ride where only 10 mins was saved. It took ages to save and exit so suggests connection was weak at the time, no problems with the warm up and the cool down ride though. Frustrating ! 

Check your WiFi and/or you internet connection.

I have been asking Zwift to change the “Save and Exit” to at LEAST add a “SAVE” option. I have had troubles off and on, and I consider the issue of “exiting before the save is complete” a real issue. Common Zwift! This is not a difficult fix and improvement. Does anyone on Zwift object to a “SAVE” option?