Ride not uploaded after crash on save, please help

Zwift devs, please help.

I had some connectivity issues today, and as a result when i had ridden up and down alpe du zwift with my two friends, i was stuck in the regular zwift crash after i hit save, and a failed upload.
Now my ride report says “Activity details could not be loaded.” and it does not upload to strava.
I have the fit-file, but there’s 3 of them;
inProgressActivity.fit 263kB
2020-11-01-11-40-00.fit 263kB
2020-11-01-11-44-21.fit 267kB.
I’m guessing that the latter one is the correct file, but how do i get zwift to actually upload?
This is a HUGE issue!
Can someone repair my ride?

You open the HP of Strava with a PC.
You push + button of the screen top right corner.
select “Activity Upload”

When a file is broken and cannot upload it, please ask other people.

Apparently, the file isn’t broken.
Strava accepted it and shows me the map, so i’m sure the people at zwift could fix this in a split second.

Generally, when this happens, part of the file has to be downloaded from myzwift.

The file is not broken, i have it on my computer.
The file uploaded to zwift IS broken, so i need to replace the broken file with the saved file.

Zwift crashed before upload was completed.
My isp has graciously given me a 1Gbit downlink and a 0.2Mbit uplink for the duration of the weekend with a 40% packet loss.

Unfortunately, no.

Zwift does not have such a feature, nor am I (or anyone I known to me, for that matter) aware of post-ride upload feature in the works or planned.

This has been requested many times before, and the answer was always the same.