zwift crash before upload

(mark buczewski zhr(f)) #1

Hey all,  Finished ride this AM after most recent upgrade.  Took me to the report screen which is quite cool, BTW, but while viewing/navigating the report, unfortunately program crashed before I could upload to Strava.  ? the ride is saved somewhere within the Zwift folder, and can it be uploaded to Strava somehow.  Thanks, Mark

(Cory Volkert) #2

Same for me.  Crashed on the new ride summary page.  Ride history on Zwift says “partial” and is about 1 mile short of the whole ride.  Did manual upload to Strava and the whole ride and segments were there, but no ride title.  Zwiftpower has me finishing the race so data must be somewhere.

(A ribot TeamWBR LEAD) #3

Same here and I’ve seen a number of others report on Facebook for the same issue. I’ve had no zwift crashes until I updated to the ‘ride report’ feature release. Looking forward to a patch release.


(LaMar Hackney) #4

Hopefully a patch will come soon.

(mark buczewski zhr(f)) #5

I found a fix.  Searched Zwift site, apparently program saves your ride info every 10 minutes.  Go to Documents/Zwft/Activity on your hard drive.  Open “.fit” folder, find your ride while you have Strava opened.  Select “upload” on Strava and you should be good to select/upload the ride that crashed.

(Cory Volkert) #6

Mark. Yes, did that. Have needed to do it other times too. Your log in Zwift will show partial ride only but strava will be correct.