upload rides to zwift after crashes.

(Ray Zeimet - Guy's Racing) #1

zwift crashed on my twice during my ride. i am ok with this since the data is stored on my local computer. the problem is my zwift account is not up to date with all work i did. is there a way to upload the fit files to ;my zwift account so i get credit for the work i did? also, will the awards show up if this can happen?

on a positive note, i really enjoyed my first zwift workout and am already looking forward to my next.

keep up the good work.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Ray, unfortunately we have no way of doing this yet, and any new unlocked items and achievements were probably lost as well.

Have you opened a support ticket about the crashes? Ideally we’d try and reproduce what caused the crash and fix it.

(Ray Zeimet - Guy's Racing) #3

i did not open a ticket. since this was my first trip to the island, i decided to check my laptop out first and updated all drivers and firmware, so i could rule that out before pestering you. will try again and see if my fixes did anything. thanks for getting back to me.

(Ray Zeimet - Guy's Racing) #4

after updating video drivers was able to Zwift for over 45 minutes without a crash. great ride, sweat buckets, had fun.

(Dave Levy-BHCC PACK) #5

My problem was a little different.  Computer stopped due to a battery issue.  Would be great if Zwift could detect that there was something in progress and allow you to pick up where left off!