Zwift crash at random moments.

Hej guys, 


I’ve been using Zwift on my computer for more than a year, and recently it started to crash during riding. Yesterday, September 22nd it crashed after only 5.6 kilometers according to the zwift link app, while it was 6.6 on my pc screen. Today it crashed after 38.7 kilometers. Which is a shame as I rode some very nice pr’s and I would like to upload them to strava too. However the files are malformed.

However the worst thing is the crashing, is there any update I can do, either for the computer or trainer? Or is this a know bug?


Thanks for any help. 



Hi Dennis,

I would highly recommend updating your graphics drivers as well as your version of Windows. Once that’s done, try and if there’s still an issue, open up a support ticket:

Ride On!

I have the same problem. On. Rides recently the program has just crashed near the end when I have some PR’'S! There’s no record in swift and nothing uploaded to Strava so can’t get a ride record to send anywhere! Very frustrating. Is BKool a better option than Zwift? Shame as I quite enjoy Watopia!

The lost rides are SOOOOOO frustrating!!! I’m at least 6 rides that have crashed due to one issue or another. When in a specific work out, maybe an FTP booster program, for instance, to be an hour into it and then have something go wrong and lose all your data…