Pretty frustrated in Zwift now (crashing)

I am a long time user of Zwift (over a year) and it’s been great. However, since launch it’s been less stable for me and in the last two rides three have just crashed half way through my workout.

I am doing the "12 Week FTP Builder (Advanced) series and I’m on the 5th week, 2nd day. About 8 miles in the thing just crashes and doesn’t recover.

I had the same thing happen last Friday - well into the workout and it crashed.

Over the year I have been on Zwift I never had a single crash (in beta) but two in three days lowers my confidence in the software, especially when I’m following a plan and my ride today was just kinda wasted.

What I also find frustrating is that Zwift does store this, according to my log, but seems to just take an early snapshot - it recorded my ride as 1.6 miles even though I had done well over 8 miles. At my humble pace that’s a lot of peddling lost. It would seem to me that Zwift could at least record something (locally) on a regular basis so, even if it crashes, there’s a reasonable chance to approximate to what was ridden.

My environment, network conditions, hardware, etc are all unchanged. The only things that have changed are a) Zwift updates and b) load (there were about 330 people online tonight).

Everyone has their own preferences - some like the gaming aspect, some like the hard work and some appreciate the “numbers”. I’m all about the second two of those (no interest in the gaming but really quite eager to record what I do over time). Just “losing” 7 miles or so is very frustrating.



Hi Mark,

I am creating a support ticket for you as these issues are best handled that way, allowing us to track the issue and not lose sight of it.


Interesting… Zwift crashed for me about 2/3 of the way through my last two rides as well, one of them being this evening.   I was riding around 6:30 PM CST when there were indeed a lot of riders.  I thought my PC was just flaking-out.  It is frustrating to be working through a particular work-out and then lose all the points.

Would it help the support team to post the error event logged in the Windows event viewer when the app crashes?

Well, crashed on me again (3 of the last 4). This time it was 11.9 miles into a one hour workout. It recorded 7.8 of those miles to the Zwift log.

Pretty much lost my confidence in the stability of Zwift, short term. It was very solid during a year of beta but since launch it’s been very flaky, which is pretty disappointing. It might be a bit easier to accept if it was crashing pretty soon after starting but each time it’s been at least 30 mins into my workout.

My following the workout series is pretty such shot too, which is a shame.

I did get the ticket that was opened (thank you Eric) but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Hi Mark,

We are working on it and I’m sorry that stability has been an issue. We have a pretty big backlog of tickets but I’ll see if someone can give this a look ASAP.

Thank you, Eric. By the way, I am sure you guys are on top of this but today it didn’t seem to be a server load issue (there were only about 170 online at the time).

Yeah, I’m betting that it’s not. I’ve got the ticket right now and I’ll make sure to answer it today and we can start the process for real.

Thanks for your patience, Mark! We’ll do everything we can to get you riding regularly again :slight_smile:

Did a Century ride on Saturday. Program crashed at 71.4 miles and would not recover. I finished the ride with an additional 29 miles. Unfortunately it will not unlock the 100 mile jersey. Any way to help here.

Hi Dale,

Send in a support ticket and include your two .FIT files and logs. We’ll get you the jersey!

Could the lock-ups be caused by momentary wifi losses? I had a ride lock up and just continued to let it run. After about 5 minutes Zwift started working again. I started riding again and Zwift locked up again after about a mile. This time I noticed that my mobile phone app was locked up too. I switched from my 5GHz channel to my 2.4GHz channel and Zwift and mobile app started running again where I left off and I was able to finish my ride and save my data.  

Hi James, 

I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility, but that would more likely to be something off with the computer versus Zwift itself as the program should just continue to run without much issue if the internet connection goes missing (just all other riders disappear).

I do find that very interesting, however. If you could open a ticket and include the log.txt file for that ride, that’d be awesome (located in Documents\Zwift\Logs).


I just joined Zwift and I am experiencing the same issue. I have not even done a ride because my launcher won’t even start the program. I deleted the program and downloaded anew one but its still doing it. Please someone help me.

Hi Bobby,

I highly recommend that you submit a support ticket versus just posting here (as mentioned in my last reply):