Zwift Crashing mid-game

Hello there,

Im having an issue which I can’t seem to work out myself. I’ve read a lot about this issues though I can’t seem to get it fixed.

The issue started when I got a new laptop (which meets all the req. for Zwift.)
Zwift keeps randomly crashing in rides and in workouts, which is really frustrating.

I’ve updated my drivers like the FAQ told me to and I’ve also found my crash log etc. I downloaded it but I cant seem to find where I have to submite my crashlog as the e-mail link isn’t there (well it is there but it doesn’t work)

I’ve followed the instructions from Zwift but I cant seem to get in touch with support.

Can somebody help?

If you have Intel integrated graphics then you’re probably suffering from the same crashes that quite a lot of other laptop users have been suffering in the last few weeks. We’re told (via third-hand reports) that Zwift are working on fixing this.

Thanks for your response Steve, its softens the pain after losing my long SST training by 5 minutes ^^.

I do have the Intel UHD drivers updated. Are you saying thats probarbly not enough and I have to sit this one out untill there is a solution?

I’m afraid that it looks that way. If you have a look around you’ll see a lot of similar recent reports.

I do hope that it gets fixed soon.

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Doubt it will make you feel better but I am having the same problems. My partner has the same laptop as me, both are updated to the latest drivers and software and his is fine. It has only started happening the last couple of weeks and is really frustrating. I am on edge every ride wondering if it will happen