Zwift crashes [v 1.0.55226] SOLVED

I recently started using Zwift. For a few days it was fine. Now once everything pairs for a run it crashes. I’ve tried multiple devices, updates, restarts, reinstalls, everything. Every device I get the same thing. I’m about to delete the app permanently. This is the most frustrating app I’ve ever dealt with.

Anyone any tips that I haven’t tried. I only have Apple devices. They new devices.

It seem to fail once everything pairs. Like it can’t handle everything or something. I’m running a foot pod and heart rate monitor.

Help please!

Mine has crashed 1x in the 2 times I’ve used it since the last update. Maybe someone form HQ can help. Have you submitted a ticket to CS?

@shooj I reported a crashing Zwift this morning (Game Update - September 3rd, 2020) but I’m Windows not Apple. Any telemetry on your side suggesting sessions are terminating abnormally?

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I’m on windows 10 as well.

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I spent 2.5 hours trying to connect. The only thing I could get to connect over the past two weeks was the oldest phone in the house, an iPhone 6. Not today though. It joined the the brand new iPad and a pretty new iPhone XR in not being able to make it past the Bluetooth connecting phase. I don’t get it. I’ve literally tried everything I can think of.

The last two days Zwift crashed on me on my way downhill from a climb up Zen-Top. I was in the same place on the course, just before the left hand turn with the church in sight where you head back to the staring pens. I have lost all sorts of elevation toward my Everest Challenge. In 3 years of riding I have never had even one app crash. I am not sure what is going on but this sucks.

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My group ride crashed twice (I rejoined the first time). It was two laps of a ride in France, I wonder if it crashed at the same point?

Gang - thanks for reporting the crashes. I’ve looked at your respective session histories on our servers and here’s what I’m noticing in the hunt for a common thread

Your’e reporting in about Windows 10 and iOS. If anyone else adds to the report, please tell us what OS you’re using.

Please let us know what you were doing when the app crashed.
Were you able to log in, pick a world, and start your activity? If so, which world?
Were you in a Pace Partners session?
Were you in an event on the Zwift calendar?
Were you in a Workout?

For the Windows folks: when you updated your game version this week, it’s possible that something went a little screwy. If you go into Windows Explorer and search for “Zwift”, are there multiple folders Zwift, Zwift1, Zwift2, etc?

If that’s the case, try this: Delete all the folders and files that came up in that search, then reinstall the Zwift app manually

For the iOS folks: try manually uninstalling the app, reboot your device, and manually install the game app.

If this clears things up (or not), either way, please report back with more details. Thanks

@shooj Thanks for looking into this. I don’t have any multiple folders.

One thing common to both my crashes that I don’t normally do is that I joined the calendar event (SAS ride at 07:00 BST) as a late start. I was late starting, and when I crashed out I joined again. After crashing out again the second time, I followed a bot back in Watopia!

Any suggestions? Should I just uninstall and reinstall anyway?

Thanks for asking. Yes – Windows 10 and I do believe there was a very short Zwift app update before I rode yesterday (9/3). I picked France using ZwiftPref and rode on Zen-Top route both days - but much different rides. Yesterday I rode about halfway up, today just a km or so up the road from the turn. The app crashed on me both days when I was in the same spot, on the downhill just before the left hand turn back to the starting pens, when the church is in view. Maybe 300-500 meters uphill from there. I was riding by myself, no powerups active, not in an event, workout, group ride, nor with a pace partner, etc. I was pretty much by myself. Yesterday I also had a Companion session active as well on an Android Device but not today.

Looking at my Windows folders I only have c:\Program Files(x86)\Zwift. No Zwift1, Zwift2, etc. I do have two app crash reports in my C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive that tie to my two crashes. I can send them if that would help.

Since I don’t have multiple Zwift folders should/can I try the Delete and Reinstall approach?

Thanks Again, Scott

I’ve got those if they will help as well!

Interesting that you mention this. I was riding in France using the ZwiftPerf as well when mine crashed. Mine was a few minutes after ended an event in crit city and returning to France for a cool down.

I just did a short ride on Watopia - Road to Sky just up to turn 20 and back down to the entrance gate to the Alpe section. Everything worked fine. No app crashes and the elevation was added to my Everest Challenge total.

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A common factor with the crashes might be riding in France. There wouldn’t be a lot of crash reports because France wasn’t scheduled today. It did affect me (on a group ride) and you guys in the thread because you’d used ZwiftPref to access it?

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@shooj @Sami_Salonen

Another multiple crash at a repeated spot in France…


After the last update ZWIFT crashes every time.
I ride in France the R.G.V route and every time I get to 14.8km it crashes.
This has happen every ride for the last 6 rides.
I deleted ZWIFT and reinstalled still the same
I’m on Windows 10 gaming laptop 2020


second time within a week that Zwift crashes when I try to save and upload the activity. In both times I was in aa pace partner session for a warm up for a race, then I was running the race and finally it crashes before uploading the data. That is rather disappointing.
Both times it was an event on the Zwift calender. I am running Zwift on a Macbook Air. So far I never had troubles with crashes. I have the feeling that it is connected to the pace partner session, but it is just a guess. I hope you guys find a solution soon. Thx, Best, GB.

@Gerald_Bluesbrauser8 I think what you are reporting is identified as a known issue Pace Partner + Event causes crash

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ok - got it! Thx for the hint. Best, GB!

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i was also i. france in a meetup when i had 3 times zwift app.exe crash

i m running zwift on a laptop with windows 10

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