iOS crashes


I have nearly on every second ride a crash when I’m using the iOS app on my iPad. I’m wondering if I’m the only one with this issues or not? 

Happy to get your feedback or maybe some Tipps on this.


I now am convinced Zwift iOS is a half finished piece of cr@p - it has crashed on me 5 times in the past two weeks and today it excelled itself and died twice - once after 32km of the Pretzel - unable to recover the ride i switched to an easy workout - and it died again as i started the cool down.


Instead of putting resource into nonsense like the volcano route I think Zwift would better serve its PAYING user base by making the platform stable and reliable- at present it is neither

Hi Guys,

We’re currently collecting information about this. Specifically:

  1. What time did you crash?
  2. What kind of ride were you doing (structured workout, event, or ‘just ride’)?
  3. What course were you on (Watopia, Richmond, or London)?

Your answers should prove useful. You can submit that information in the form of a ticket to our Customer Support team. Thanks in advance for the help!

Yeah I agree with Ed. I logged a ticket and sent my log files and yet after 8 days I am still waiting for zwift to come back to me. Its a disgrace. They charge you £8 for a total piece of crap. I love zwift but it is too flaky on iOS. The app closes on me every day and varies each time.

At least have the decency to reply to my poxy ticket even if it’s to say it isn’t zwift as I ride around 300 miles a week on zwift and my training is taking a massive hit.

Graham - It looks like your ticket was sent to Tier 2 support. We had received your logs, as we’ve received many others. We had requested your patience while this matter was being investigated, since we were still receiving logs from other users. So I apologize if that part wasn’t quite clear.

We try to respond to tickets in the order they are received, so as you continually emailed, it kept pushing your ticket back.But, we were hoping to get all the information gathered first and looked into instead of giving you an empty handed update. Fortunately, it looks like you have received a response earlier this morning and our lead developer has been able to track down the issue.

As stated in the ticket response, we believe a fix should be made available in the app store within the next 4-5 days.

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates on this issue. We’ve had several different threads started about this same topic. Well, our lead developer has provided a response here.

iOS App crashed on my 3 times today (on iphone 7).  Ended up giving up and using WattBike Hub instead.  

Really frustrating, especially if you have limited time during the day to train on Zwift.  

App has generally been ok since launch with only occasional crashes, but today’s fiasco means I have lost all faith in using Zwift for weekday WattBike training sessions.  

Disappointing . . . 

I have to say since the last update I have not had one crash on my Ipad. Been very reliable even for 60 mile rides. Very strange.

Installed Zwift around a week ago off the app store and this evening I had repeated crashes on the mountain ride, not impressed, and certainly not worth the money. Using an ipad air. Reset the ipad and no better, now reinstalled so shall see if the next ride is any better and if not then its goodby Zwift.

it’s crashed for my husband on the last 2 group rides he was participating in (Giro di Castelli) and crashed at approx 40 minutes into the ride.  it is not crashing outside of group rides