Zwift app crashing (iphone)

Dear All,

posting here to hopefully get some support or similar experiences…
I am running Zwift on my Iphone, which is linked to my TV via an HDMI cable.

Twice in the last 3 rides, my iphone app crashed during the event. The picture froze and after 30s approx I am back on the starting menu (the one with your name).
Once you are back in the menu and starting to ride again, a pop up window appear asking you if you want to re-join your activity ? Great ! Yes…

And this is where the FRUSTATION kicks in big time :slight_smile:

1st time I was doing the ZA road academy WO7…roughly 7 min to the end (out of 69) and they put you back at the start of it !!! Thanks but NO THANKS.

2nd time, just now, I was on the Garmin stage 4 for MTB. same, asking me if I want to go back to the activity…Yes…And they throw you back in the middle of Watopia, I wasn’t in the event anymore, just like if I wanted to do a casual ride in the jungle.

What do you think it’s coming from ? How could I prevent all those crashes?
If you have any idea, please drop me a message!

I have also now had this issue TWICE with ZA Academy WO7. I’m running on an IPad. On Wednesday 18 minutes in and then this morning 47 minutes in to a 69 minute WO.

I can’t see that the WO is scheduled again and so won’t be able to complete the academy - very frustrating.

Is the problem the Work Out rather than the app? I have not had this before.

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Starting on Oct 17 my same setup (6th iPad) which has worked for months has crashed 4 times. Two during the Garmin Stage 4 ride and twice on normal non events rides. I have know idea why.

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you can pick the workout from the workout menu and do it on your own time and it will count.