Zwift Closing/Crashing?

Currently using Zwift on my Iphone 6. I’m trying to follow the “Your First Century” Training Plan, I noticed that Day 1 crashes on me during the cool down. Yesterday I rode 51km and during cool down the app just closed and I was unable to recover my ride. Is this a known bug?

This is my 2nd time doing the Day 1 of the plan and both times, crashed at the same point in the workout.

Yes I’ve had similar problems with my iPhone 6. VERY FRUSTRATING to do 40 minutes of the FTP test warm up then 5 minutes of the test and then ZWift crashes !!  AND this has happened TWICE!! the only 2 times I’ve really done anything… if theres a problem with the app and my phone i need to know now before i waste any more time doing tests or races etc not to mention wasting any more money.

please answer this quickly Mr Zwift!!

I’m waiting on my ANT+ USB to show up, so until then I’m stuck on the phone. I hope they resolve this.

EDIT: This specific issue has been resolved. But if it should ever happen again, please be sure to send in this useful information.

Hi everyone,

Sorry to hear about this. We’re currently collecting information on this, as it relates specifically to iOS. We’re looking for your answers to these questions:

  1. What time did you crash?
  2. What kind of ride were you doing (structured workout, event, or ‘just ride’)?
  3. What course were you on (Watopia, Richmond, or London)?

Your answers would be useful in investigating this. You can submit this information by submitted a ticket to our Customer Support team.

Hi Nick,

I believe I submitted a ticket yesterday as well. But here’s my answers.

  1. Roughly 10:40pm.
  2. I was doing the “Your First Century” Day 1 training. The crash/close down happened 5mins into the cool down. So right at the end.
  3. I believe I was Watopia Volcano Flat.

I ended up losing the entire ride. When I opened the app it found the ride and asked if I wanted to resume, but when I clicked yes it said something went wrong and the entire thing was gone.

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for the update. Our lead developer just provided a response that applies to this situation in another thread. You can find that thread here -

I’m using Zwift on Laptop. On the last few rides I did it crashed 3-4 times each ride. Very very frustrating. I think I was on just ride feature on all rides that it crashed on and it seemed to be about after 20-25minutes and then every 7-10 minutes after that. My laptop is running Windows 7. Any idea what might be causing this?