iPhone 6 Plus crashes on start

Are other people with older iPhones or iPads finding crashes upon starting the app or after beginning a Tour stage? My app is up to date and has been deleted and redownloaded. Stage 1 worked OK then I crashed out twice as I tried to start on the ride for Stage 2. I quickly switched to a newer iPad Pro and all was good. I checked before stage 3 and my iPhone 6 seemed to connect OK but then the Tour crashed as I started and then I restarted on my iPhone 6 and it was OK but glitchy with bikes being ridden without riders and poor frame rate, probably due to server overload. It eventually ran OK for me while my wife found hersef doing multiple trips up Box Hill instead of Keith hill and it showed her done (with the long list of finishers popping up on the screen) after 43miles. She road on to match my mileage anyway and Zwift recognized she had finished. Not quite ready for prime time, eh? Thoughts on older iPhones? (and kudos to Zwift support folks…)

So it sounds like you may be experiencing this known issue, where Zwift closes on launch when attempting to ride with iOS devices. We are currently working on a fix and you can find more information in that article. As far as the misrouting goes, this is also a known issue that we are currently investigating. You can view updates in this post from our Known Issues section. I hope this information helps! We greatly appreciate your patience as we resolve these issues! :slight_smile:

It is responses like this that make the hassles livable. I appreciate your reply. It makes the frustrations much more tolerable to have a contact and a note of concern. Thanks

bud. (coming to you from North Pole Alaska where even with fat tire bikes. Zwift is a great thing when it gets chilly at -40F)

No problem Bud! Thanks for your kind words and I hope you stay warm up there!