Ride App Crashing on Start: iPhone 6, 8 and 10!

Hi, I have the Zwift app recently downloaded on my iPhone 6sPlus, my daughters 8 and my wife’s 10. Every time I click RIDE after pairing there is an audible glitchy sound to the music then it kicks me out to my phone screen and have to start over. This happens on each device, each time!
I have followed all suggestions referenced in https://support.zwift.com/en_us/zwift-closes-on-launch-when-attempting-to-ride-Sk6twLONr

I am using the app with an indoor cycling bike, Johnny G Spirit Bike.

For disclosure, I am the product manager for this bike and we are trying to complete instructions for connecting the Zwift app to the bike. We want to promote the two working together. We will also get the bike listed on your website once it works as customers expect.

Prior to deleting the app from my phone and re-downloading yesterday it was working as expected. I deleted the app so I could show step-by-step instructions for new users.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have same issue. Noticed it yesterday. Workaround I found is to start with at least my Kickr powered off and skip the connection screen. After I’m in the app I can connect to kickr, hrm, cadence.

Possibly related is now that I’m riding I don’t have the heart rate and power graph at bottom of screen.

iPhone 7, went through IOS update and that may be related.


I am having the same issue since the update :frowning:

Thanks Guys. Now I know I’m not the only one.

Yeah, I did the phone update the night before I re-downloaded the app. I even did the .13.1.3 update that is new as well which was supposed to fix a lot of the bugs they created with the update but nothing.

But from what I read, there is something on the Zwift side to be fixed as well.

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Same issue since IOS 13 update, after connecting to Kickr / Cadence either selecting ‘workout’ or ‘just ride’ zwift crashes, restarted phone multiple times & checked I have most recent Zwift App.Update from Zwift would be good!

Having the same issue after resent iOS and Zwift updates.

I’m stuck on my Tacx until bones mend so when I had these problems it was very frustrating. “skip” or “just watch” and then pair in the game and it should let you ride. Today I tried an iPhone 11 but same problem!

Please Zwift, let’s get this resolved!

Hi @Dan_Corkill – is the Spirit Johnny G Bike fully compatible now with Zwift? Will it be only serial serial specific similar to the XT series treadmills? I don’t see the bike on the official supported indoor bike list.