(Fixed) ZWIFT crashing on Iphone app IOS

Hello Everyone,

Zwift app crashes and kicking you out after connecting all sensors and getting started to ride. Anyone having this same issue with iphone? It was working well a couple weeks ago. Thanks

Same here. Soon as I select “ Ride” the app shuts down. Subscribed. iPhone Xr

Switched power to the trainer from my pedals and it worked fine. Just switched back and is behaving normally

Same here, brand new XR (I’ve never run Zwift on it before, always on my Windows laptop previously). Tried loading the app a dozen times, crashed out after hitting “Ride” every time. Very frustrating!!

Please follow this thread regarding the issue: Oct 16 update - crash iOS 13.1.2

Locking this thread since there is already an active one about this issue.

Ride On!

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