Zwift crashing in IOS

I’ve been running Zwift off my iphone 7 for a month without issues (using the HDMI dongle to show on TV), and in the past week I’ve experienced 3 crashes. These tend to be on longer rides (40km routes) and very frustratingly have happened 2-3km before the end of the route! The first two were on free rides where I just wanted to get the badge, the last one (this morning) was in the middle of a 2x20 training session which I had to abandon.

Each time I restarted Zwift it dropped me back in with the correct distance travelled so far, BUT, I had lost the Drops, Ride Ons and more importantly the ability to gain the route badge that I’d just spent over an hour trying to get.

It’s pretty de-motivating to be honest. I should say I’m running Spotify in the background, but as I said it worked fine for the first 2-3 weeks of pretty much daily riding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter with my iPad and have had 3 crashes now whilst in every race I have done since the latest update. See my link to post below earlier today.

After seeing your post it makes me wonder if this is related to the Apple Lighting AV Adapter and the Zwift update?

I have factory reset my iPad and still the same problem. Now I’m going to try a race without using the Apple Lighting AV Adapter and see if it still crashes

Have your problems started since the iOS update from the 29th April?

Sadly not, first ride that crashed was April 25th, second was 30th, and third was today (May 2nd).

Happened to me this morning. Boom!!! with 1.5 miles to go it just drops out. I run IPad without any connections to other devices. My companion app on my IPhone also went dark. I had just updated Zwift on my IPad just this morning and before this AM it was rock solid.

I’m now wondering if the companion app can cause Zwift to crash?

Replied in other thread on this same topic, same happening to me on iPad, app just closing in events. Have never had this issue previously.

Interesting! I tried a shorter training ride this morning after I’d purged the RAM on the phone and that seemed to go okay without a hitch. So will try a longer ride in the next day or two and see if that helps. And maybe try a race or group event too.

Happen to me just now… ip7+ unexpectedly quit… very frustrating… about to finish the race…

So after some testing on longer rides (1.5hrs is long enough for me), I can confirm I’ve had no issues with crashing since I’ve been purging the RAM on my phone each time before I start a ride, so hopefully that’s that.