Zwift crashing on iPad (5th Generation) whilst racing since update on April 29th, 2020

iPad 5th Generation 32 GB (18GB of space)
iOS Software 13.4.1
Zwift Version 1.049822
Wahoo Kickr Core

Since the two iOS updates from the 29th April the Zwift iOS app has crashed mid-race during both the races I have taken part in.

On Thursday the Zwift crashed on my iPad less than 1km from the finish after approximately 40 mins of racing and after updating to the latest iOS release this morning (1.049822) 02nd May, Zwift crashed 7 minutes into my race.

I have the iPad connected to my TV via a Lightning Digital AV Adpater which is also powered to a wall socket and my connection to my iPad is via Wi-Fi.

Previous to these latest releases I have had no problems over the previous month using Zwift with the above setup including taking part in some of the larger events including the Haute Route Watopia and other races with many riders.

After Thursday’s crash I deleted and reinstalled the app and also updated the app to the latest release pre-race this morning but unfortunately Zwift crashed again after 7 minutes of racing.

Since the updates Zwift has not crashed when doing a normal ride on Friday and during my warm-up this morning. So the problem only seems to be when racing.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would cause the app to crash whilst racing?
Is it likely to be a bug in the latest Zwift iOS version for my iPad or is it likely to be that the iPad cannot handle the demands of the Zwift app since the update? I don’t see any others with the same problems?

Obviously it is strange that this has only started since updating the app on Thursday? I would love to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible as it is really frustrating to be racing and then Zwift crashing mid-race.

If anyone has any suggestions I would love to know. I raised a ticket with support on Thursday but have yet to get a response.


Same issue after the latest update today, May 2. Zwift crashed with 2K left in my race today.

What is your setup?

iPad 5th Generation 32 GB (18GB of space)
iOS Software 13.4.1
Zwift Version 1.049822
Wahoo Kickr Core

Too add to my original post
Samsung Galaxy S8 running Zwift Companion App version 3.13.1
Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter
Hisense AE6100 TV

Since my last crash yesterday morning I have attempted 4 more races.

Race 1 - After factory reset of iPad and reinstallation of Zwift iOS app. iPad still connected to TV via a Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Zwift crashed 6 minutes into the race. I was also using Zwift Companion app on Android at the time just like the previous 2 races where Zwift has crashed.

Race 2 - This time I didn’t use the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and I raced for 80 minutes with no crashes. I wasn’t in the main field so I can’t imagine it wasn’t very intensive CPU wise. So now I’m thinking it is definitely to do with the app update and the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter connection between the iPad and TV. Again I was also using the Zwift Companion app on Android.

Race 3 - Same setup as above no problems. Well over 300 riders on a 20 min race. No problems. Also using Zwift Companion app. Now I definitely think it’s something to do with the Zwift iOS update and Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

Race 4 - To confirm the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and Zwit iOS update is the problem I try another race with the Adapter plugged back in. I race for 50 minutes with no problems? The only difference this time is that I did not use the Zwift Companion app whilst racing.

So I’m kinda lost at the moment. There definitely doesn’t seem to be a problem when not using the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter but I’m now also wondering whether the updated Zwift Companion app can cause Zwift to crash.

I’ll try some more testing but it would be great if anyone else has any problems they can share or help from Zwift support.


I have a very similar setup, iPad Pro latest iOS, 512GB. Latest zwift update. Crashed randomly in races and events ONLY. App just closes. I have been using zwift with iPad for 2 years, never experienced any issues like this until the latest zwift updates. Had this current iPad on zwift for 12 months. Tried reinstalling etc…Very frustrating!


Are you using the Apple Lighting Digital AV Adapter and / or the Zwift Companion app whilst racing?

I’m using USB C cable to HDMI and companion, which is what I have been using for a long time without issue. Have tried disabling all other BT signals nearby, including phone. This does not seem to solve the problem.

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Thanks for replying. So similar setup. Hopefully they will look into this as it’s really frustrating to race and have it crash. I would love to know what the cause of the problem is here. It sounds like something to do with the update to either the iOS or companion app?

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Oh I really hope so, yes, having this happen well into a race can make one very angry indeed!


Hello. I too have experienced the Zwift app crashing (closing if its own accord) 3 times in the past two weeks.

It happened the first time while leading the TBR 101km Endurance group ride with approx 450 riders at the 66km mark on 18 April.

Again at 34.9kms into the 38km The GO TBR race on 26 April. My language was very colourful!

Again today, 3 May, 7.5kms into The GO TBR race.

I’m using a 6th gen iPad, 128GB capacity (116GB available), nothing running in the background, software 13.4.1. iPad plugged into power.

Connecting to Kickr Core and Kickr Climb with latest firmware.

I’ve since uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift hoping this might assist, but given the above comments I’m not confident.

Any advice on a solution would be terrific!

Ride on! Crash. Tantrum. Cry!


Hi Shabbi, Are you using the companion app during your events and do you have your iPad connected to your TV?

Hey Will, yes, in all rides I’ve had the companion app connected via iPhone 11 Pro. Definitely with the TBR101km ride the companion on my phone and app crashed on my iPad simultaneously (as I was giving leading instructions on the group ride).

During these app crashes I have not been connecting the iPad to Apple TV via screen sharing or to the tv via a hdmi cable. I will do that for group rides that I’m not wholly invested in, but for rides and races where I want the most stability I don’t connect these extra bits of trouble.

On the TBR The Go race three weeks ago I was streaming the iPad via hdmi to the tv and had a power drop. I’ve had quite a few annoying and frustrating power dropouts lately, where you lose the bunch. I’m not sure what’s worse - a power dropout or a full app crash. Both are bloody infuriating!

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Thanks for replying. So your problems started before this week’s updates?

Not sure we are going to find a definitive pattern here. Hopefully Zwift Support will help me/us at some point. In the meantime I think for important races I will not connect to my TV or use the companion app until I get some help or clarification. I would imagine there would be lots more people moaning if it was just iPad or companion app related?

I have tried a couple of races this morning but only ridden off the startline whilst keeping the Zwift Companion app on screen on my phone and my iPad connected to the TV. When I checked back 20 minutes later Zwift was still running and had not crashed. However I’m aware this is not the same as the full demands of racing properly with lots of other users around me.

The only thing I have done differently since my last crash was to unplug and reconnect all the leads from my Apple Lightning AV Adapter and plug the lead into a different HDMI port.

I’ll continue to test myself and hope to get a response. Be great to know if you or Mike have any other problems.

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Hey again Will,

Yes, the crashing began just before this update.

It sounds like you’ve done some good user testing to try to narrow down on the issue.

I, like you, think it’s wise to try to have as few things as possible connected to reduce the likelihood of failure. However, when I’m leading a ride with 400+ people, I need to be able to give instructions and keep people entertained for 3 hours. This really requires the companion app being connected on my phone. While I really like having the companion connected to communicate during races, I can probably forgo this to see if it increases stability of the app.

Fingers crossed for a solution soon. It’s really heartbreaking when you’re riding your guts out and you see the app minimise back to a little icon and you know all that hard work was for nothing.

Mike and I will continue to post any further issues regarding this here.

I should also add, that Mike and I are riding side by side and often in the same event when one of us will experience the issue and the other won’t, so I don’t think it’s internet related.

Ride onnnnn!


Someone else has posted about 30 or 40 riders being crashed out of races since update so hopefully this is related and will be easily fixed :crossed_fingers:


I also race on an iPad Pro.
Had a crash today 8 min into the race. It’s my first race since updating the iOS app, but I did complete two workouts successfully without any issues.

I don’t connect my iPad to a TV, I just use the iPad as it is by itself. I also don’t have the companion app running. And Zwift is the only app I have running on the iPad.

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 128GB
iOS 13.4.1
Zwift iOS v 1.0.49822


iPad Air 5th generation, latest patch. App crashed during event.


So it sounds like it is the Zwift iOS app update as this seems to be the common theme. From other posts it seems like others are having problems with crashes during group workouts and races since the updates last week. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


I will put in a ticket to zwift support, perhaps if a few people do it might be more likely that things will get looked at quicker. It has not crashed for me on free rides, but in races it results in loud swear words!


Good call Mike, I raised a ticket on Thursday evening after my first crash and am waiting to hear back from support.

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