IPad crash during race

Hey guys -

I’m experiencing consistent crashes during races. It started happening about 4 weeks ago. I race on Saturday and Sunday and have noticed consistent crashes. Sometimes it happens 16 minutes into a race and other times it happens in the last few minutes. Has anyone else experienced this same EXTREMELY frustrating behavior?

It soul destroying to bust your a$$ to get to the front of a race and after 16 minutes to have the program crash. What’s worse than that? Getting 56 minutes into a race and having it crash a few miles from the finish. What is going on? I’ve tried rebooting my iPad before a race, made sure everything was shut down. I’m running the latest version etc … at this point if there was an alternative platform I’d be out. I’m super frustrated.


Hi Brian

I’ve not hit this exact issue on ipad myself, but one suggestion might be a complete app uninstall and reinstall. I know this isn’t ideal, but its a suggestion that a zwifter gave me for another issue and it did solve it. The reinstall removes any files that may have got corrupted in the zwift install and replaces them with fresh copies.

You will lose settings etc doing this and have to re-apply them but it will likely fix the issue. Do you want to give that a go and see if it helps/report back?

Hi @Brian_Roche_4737

what IPad do you have and what os version do you have. Have you tried to completely reset the Ipad and start from scratch.

Another question why do you race D category when you are a C?

Thank you I appreciate the response and after posting my message last night I went to look at other troubleshooting sections of the site. I saw the recommendation to uninstall and reinstall which is what I did. I will give that a shot today and see if that has any material difference. I will report back :slight_smile:

I have an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation) running the latest ios.

I race D because I have 4 bulging discs, I had back surgery about two months ago. My primary sport is bodybuilding. I race to remain heart healthy. D races are crushingly difficult for me because I’m heavy and I’m literally in the red the entire time. I love cycling and love racing but sadly can barely stay with any other group.

Thank you for the suggestion.