Ipad crashes on Time Trial events


I lined up for a Time Trial yesterday and the ipad app crashed whilst I was in the queue. I had plenty of time to restart, so got back in the queue only to experience yet another crash.
I got in again with only 20 seconds to go. I got off to a start, however the app crashed a couple of K into the event.

I’ve tried different events as well as cycling on my own in the London world and it seemed to work. I suspect it’s a problem with the TT format.
I’ll try and enter another one to see if I can reproduce the issue. Is there anything I can do in terms of debug information that needs sending over?

Hi @Mike_Reys welcome to Zwift forums.

It might depend on your iPad’s RAM specs. We had some iOS devices crash during the recent L’Etape du Tour due to an Out of Memory (OOM) crash. If it’s that - we’re working on ways to reduce this on low-RAM iPads in upcoming game versions.

In the meantime - if you have a device like a laptop you can use - that would be more reliable.

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Oh, switch device?

So do Time Trials consume more memory? I went back in do ‘just cycle’ and it didn’t crash…

I can see nothing has changed on the companion app, yet my ipad2 is now unable to download and run ( in iPhone simulation) the app.