Zwift performance issues on multiple devices

Hey guys,

Since one month I am experiences huge issues with Zwift.
It came up with the Tour de Zwift and it comes up when using iPad as well as the notebook to log in.

When using my iPad (IOS 12.5) on TDZ stages, it crashed when crossing the finish line on stages 1 and 3.
When I did stage 1 for a second time and stage 2 later on, I wanted to make sure that this will not happen again, so I’ve logged in with my notebook (gaming notebook, Geforce grafic card, all requirements for Zwift met). Especially on stage 2 the performance was really poor with the graphic stuttering and freezing for almost 1 hour.

On stage 4 I also used my notebook, as the iPad issues seems still unsolved.
It took me 5 mins only to log in (loading after entering the user details). Another 10 mins to load the stage 4. So I started this stage late when the nearly 25% of the stage were already done.
In the middle of the ride the graphic froze for 5 mins. So I restarted at the very end of the field.

In total on all my devices there are severe Zwift issues which make it at the moment very hard to enjoy my rides at all. It is more like a mess.
And on top, I am still waiting for the credits of crashed stage 3 and/or a feedback for the issues with the iPad (wrote a message to the support).
So without any feedback on the unsolved issues, I start thinking to end my subscription for Zwift.

I experienced the same issues on Stage 1 when the Zwift app on my iPad crashed after approx. 10 seconds into the race. Today I did Stage 4 and Zwift crashed right when I crossed the finish line. I could salvage the ride and upload it to Strava but I did not receive my badge for the completion of Stage 4 and my result was also not passed on to zwiftpower

I didn’t have these issues when running the app on my MacBook Pro.