IPad woes at the finishing line

Running an iPad Air (5years old?) with 12.4.9. Same issue before and after factory reset and installation of key software - no kids’s games. In about 89 -90 % of the events I enter, I get to the finish line and just as the blue results screen is loading the Zwift app crashes. When I restart Zwift it asks about unsaved events and rejoining which I do to save the event. This is a generic save eg Watopia but Zwiftpower knows the event I was in. Looking at the recording on the companion app, all the sensors look as if they are switched off simultaenously. The down side of this is that the Companion app does not give my any event results, the upside is ZwiftPower knows (hopefully this will continue to be the case). Live with it or is there a fix?

I’ve been having the same problem for about 5 weeks. Had a cracking race today but all data lost, just a watopia ride once I’ve logged back in and saved the miles. Infuriating as ■■■■, like you I’ve been seeking guidance in terms of a resolution, haven’t found one yet

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Good Evening Jim
I think it’s the iPad that’s the issue, mine is roughly the same age as yours and continues to give me headaches upon competing an event. Every other device I use, iPhone, wife’s iPad (new version) it’s all fine and saves the event no problem.

Jonathan, I suspect your diagnosis is correct. I’m using the hand me down iPad so I doubt there will be any improvement for a while. Doubt I’ll get off the start line at tomorrow’s TDZ!