Zwift crashing on iPad (5th Generation) whilst racing since update on April 29th, 2020

So it sounds like it is the Zwift iOS app update as this seems to be the common theme. From other posts it seems like others are having problems with crashes during group workouts and races since the updates last week. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


I will put in a ticket to zwift support, perhaps if a few people do it might be more likely that things will get looked at quicker. It has not crashed for me on free rides, but in races it results in loud swear words!


Good call Mike, I raised a ticket on Thursday evening after my first crash and am waiting to hear back from support.

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Zwift has been crashing for me both yesterday and today (FOUR times today!) and I’m not racing, just doing one of the exercise programs. I just use my iPad, not connected to anything else and wasn’t using the Companion app on either occasion either. My iPad is 6th gen, version 13.3.1. Of course, not racing makes it not-so-important, but I lost out on a badge yesterday which annoyed me somewhat. Don’t know if it’s related at all, but I’ve also noticed that for the two rides where it crashed, my kilometers haven’t been added to the ceramiscpeed mission. Saturday’s (uncrashed) ride was added though. I’ll put in a ticket as well, strength in numbers! :wink:


Had the same twice since running the last update - both times in events, and both times running the app on an iPhone 7 and connecting to a PC monitor via an HDMI cable and running the companion app on an iPad.


@shooj, @Wes, @seth_steen
Hey guys, sorry for tagging you but would it be possible to get acknowledgement that this issue is being looked into or if not some general help on what are likely causes for the Zwift iOS to crash.

There seems to be a number of people having similar issues since the last update and it would be great to know the cause of the issues.

There is alot of info on the post above and I have linked to some other posts where users seem to be having the same problems.

I raised a ticked on Thursday evening UK time but to date have not received a response.

Personally I would like to know if running the Zwift companion app whilst racing or if linking my iPad to my TV via the Apple Lightning AV Adapter can have any impact on causing Zwift to crash would be possible so I can at least rule out those possibilities. As I said before my problems have only started since the updates last week.

I’ve only been using Zwift just over a month and up until the update I have had no major issues. I’ve really enjoyed using it but have found the app crashes while racing to be really frustrating.

It would be great to know that this is being investigated.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for tagging me in. We’ve flagged this up for investigation.


Update on this.

Happened twice this weekend when running Zwift App on an iPhone 7 running iOS v13.4.1 and Zwift v1.0.49822, and plugged into Apple AV Lightning to HDMI adaptor and Companion App v3.14.0 (1034) on an iPad. Crashed out of a race just after 45mins (c. half distance) on Saturday, and a group ride at about 1h20 (2/3rds total time) on Sunday - Zwift app just shut down.

I switched to iPad running iOS v13.3.1 tonight and did not plug in my Apple HDMI splitter. Was not running Companion App (v3.14.0) on my iPhone but was receiving lock screen notifications during the event. Managed to complete 1 hour race (inc warm up in pen) without any problem.

I will keep the iPad on the old iOS version and work through to try and eliminate each item and see if I can find out exactly what’s causing it, but suspect it’s either a problem with the latest version of iOS or the AV Lightning to HDMI adaptor (which would seem unlikely as external hardware).

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Thanks for tagging me. I had opened tickets with Zwift support in the past two weeks for this incidents and until I still have NOT heard anything from them. As well via Twitter or here on the Forum, just nothing. Previous to the last week 2 updates at least of iPadOS and iOS it did seem to be working fine until they decide to make “some updates” beginning with the one on March 30th and the one that follow. It is very unfortunate to see the amount on users on Zwift and what it seem the lack of support people even do working from home in this days and remember limited working hours and no weekends as well.

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My friend and I had similar issues, specifically in racing this week. I was using ATV and did my first race on 5/3/20 and had the app crash 2 miles from the finish line. My friend raced this morning using an Ipad and had the app crash 2-3 miles from the finish as well.

I was not using the companion app, an HDMI adaptor, and AV Adaptor, etc.


Hi Shooj,

I just went for a Alpe de zwift ride (7th May @5pm BST) and just as I completed the first section the app crashed - I rebooted and it logged me back where I crashed but my route time reset and didn’t record. I carried on all the way to the top and as soon as I started the decent it crashed again - logged back in then crashed again so when I finally made it back I saved my ride but it had not looked any route time, drop points early or meters climbed on the Everest challange…! It’s like I never did it ( except my legs say different…!) Any help?

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2nd time in a week that the IOS app has crashed 35 minutes into a race :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Never had issues before but since the update last week I am losing confidence. It’s soul destroying to see league points just disappear into thin air when you’ve worked so hard to be in postion. Come on Zwift - sort it out!


All - we think we’ve identified a cause. This is a critical bug that’s getting our attention.


Just crashed on me 4 mins into a race. Also never saw this before the update. iPadPro running current iOS. I’ll join another race in 20 mins, hopefully this won’t happen again??

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Ride On.

app crash 3/4 mile to go in the Tour for All yesterday. So frustrating. I’m using a pc connecting to a tv via hdmi. I’ve had other minor issues with Zwift precociously but not like this. Why am I paying for the service that’s not fully operational?

Just crashed again on Ipad with 2km left in race. 3rd time in a week. I’ve opened a ticket and sent crash logs but I have not heard back.Please try and fix this.

It takes a couple of weeks for support to get to anything sent in. 3 days ago They said they think they have identified the issue and are working on a fix. Until then maybe just do super short races or try another device if possible.

Yes, I will switch to my windows 10 platform until we get another update. Looking through the reported issues it seems more and more IOS users are experiencing this issue. Doesn’t seem to be related to length of ride because I have done just as many rides since the last update without a crash as I have with a crash. At first I thought it was just an IPad issue but I believe it is more an IOS issue than Ipad only.

Hey support

Been racing/riding with my 5th gen iPad for quite some time now with little to any issues ever. This past weekend the Zwift app crashed exactly 20mins in during an event. I was able to rejoin the event in progress where I crashed. It then crashed again at some point during the ride. This morning I did a hard restart of the iPad and ensured the iPad had lots of space available 18gb and had latest 13.4.1 iOS installed. Exactly 30mins into tour for all race Zwift crashed again. Let me know what I can do here

Rick Barbera

So do I try to use a different iPad? Windows is a no go. Zwift gives that high end laptop blue screen every time. Is there a temp solution while we wait for a fix? I am also using an Apple hdmi adapter to project to my tv