Game ruined after update

Zwift was running OK (not good) regarding wattage and rpm for about six months… but since update its absolute trash, its getting stuck at wattages 100% of the time, and then suddenly it disconnects. And it constantly underestimates my wattage… what did you do? Im running on apple tv and its unplayable… and yes ive updated the app.

For sure Zwift was working relatively good before this recent past 2 updates. That has been one after another glitch of some kind.

I was in a race today, riding in a group of 3 between two other larger groups. Suddenly the strongest of the three of us disappeared. What? Did he quit? Okay, trouble time, because now there was just two of us. I decided to let the other guy go and to drop back to the group to the group behind, since the two of us weren’t going to hold off the chasers.

Then POOF! I was gone, logged out. I logged back in and I was in the same place but no longer part of the event.

Almost the very same happened to me yesterday on a morning group ride. My Zwift iPadOS crashed and it took me a minute or so to get back and re-join the group ride but I was in the ride alone then I was joined by everyone who was on Watopia and when End/Save it did just as a Watopia ride. This after both recent updates.

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Same thing happened to me. Twice this weekend, last part of a race, crushing it to stay in the group after 45 minutes at 4w/kg, then- black screen of death, and logging back in puts me in the same spot, out of the event. Did a crit and it worked okay (maybe the longer races are this issue?), then again today- exact same thing. Prob did 200 workouts on the same system, prior to the update, 0 issues…

Yes, it’s virtual racing and is taken with a grain of salt, but the update clearly isn’t working. No clear explanation thus far- and what’s the deal with the companion app pairing? Maybe it’s trying to do too many things at once, or the games needs are exceeding the power of devices they’ve developed symbiotic relations with- such as ATV or iPads. I’m not interested in playing the game on a laptop- that’s a step backwards.

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