Jan 2021 update power and FTP drop

Ive noticed a drop in my power output since the last update Feb 2021, alongside connection issues. Since the update I can no longer hold the power I used to before in races and now have to withdraw from a B cat racing team, plus times on routes have gotten considerably longer than before the update even when the effort seems the same, added with dropouts and some connection issues. I’ve been in contact with Wahoo and gone through the trouble shooting and it doesn’t seem to be the trainer, just completed the factory spindown. I’m hoping somebody has experienced the same and found a solution.
Im using a Wahoo Kickr Core connected to an Apple TV box, I didn’t have any issues before the update with either and nothing has changed in the room I use,

Possible Bluetooth interference, and the update is coincidental?

I assume you are referring to the Jan 25 update?

Sorry yes it was the January update, nothing has changed in my setup and everything was fine till the update then I noticed I was lacking in power and could no longer hold what I used to before hand and connection trouble with flashing no signal and connected appearing on the login screen alongside drop outs during events, which I hadn’t experienced up until then.

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling Zwift from the ATV, in case the update somehow screwed up?

Also rebooting the ATV?

Do you always force-close the Zwift app?

Thanks Steve that’s my next step delete the app and reinstall, normally I quit Zwift and return the the Apple TV Home Screen then power down by switching off the tv and after twenty mins Apple switches off. I have knocked it off at the wall switch since the update when trying to resolve one of the connection problems.

It’s recommended to always force-close the app when you’ve finished. Turning off the TV just puts the ATV to sleep.

To force close Zwift, double-press the TV button on the remote, then swipe until the Zwift app is selected, then swipe up to force-close it.

Thanks again Steve,
Just finished the race and worst result yet, down to 3w/kg from 3.8 prior to the update avg heart rate exactly the same, shut everything down from wall switches before hand, restarted so shouldn’t have been an issue but at this stage I’m at a loss and about to pul my hair out and quit Zwift until the next update and see if they sorted it out. I’ve seen from other forums others have had similar issues after the last update,

I’m seeing something similar with my kickr core. Power numbers seem lower plus difficult to hold a consistent power. Did you find a fix?
I have deleted the Zwift app on my iPad and reinstalled and done a number of spin downs but issue still seems to be there? But it might also be the new pack dynamics playing a part, not sure?

Hi Sue, I contacted Wahoo support went through the troubleshooting procedures and they ended up replacing my Core as it was still under the warranty, but then the replacement had to be replaced as well so I ended up with a brand new one, but sadly my power numbers are now not what I thought they were as the faulty kickr had me outputting higher than I should have been. I got a loan of a Tacx Neo 2 and it showed the lower power so you might be looking at a similar issue of a faulty trainer. I was hoping it was a Zwift issue and would right itself but that wasn’t the case and I’ve now had to drop down to C racing from B. But at least I have a truthful power reading now, hope this helps point you in the right direction,

Thanks for the reply Damian. That’s a shame about your numbers. I measure mine against an actual power meter that I ride outside but it’s just a rough compare. I need to do an outdoor FTP test and contrast with that. :crossed_fingers:. Ride on. Thanks again.