Huge difference in power/resistance after update yesterday - anyone else experiencing this?

Hey everyone, Zwift updated on my laptop yesterday and I’ve had a really tough time since. The warmups on my workouts, which are usually pretty easy, have now become really tough. My FTP was between 185-200W, and now I’m struggling just to get to 100W.

Anyone else had problems since the update? Cheers.

Yes I have had issues since 11/06. I can control everything normally on the wahoo app but nothing works right in Zwift. I have raised a ticket but hear nothing yet. I’m struggling to hit 50 watts and I have an ftp of 391 but my power pedals seem fine just not my kickr

Yeah I’ve considered the fact that my FTP estimation on Zwift could have been a little inaccurate before, but not by that much. I was using a Wattbike before that, and the figures were pretty similar. So there has definitely been a sudden change for me this week. Hopefully there’s an answer soon, my legs are killing me:)

Yes, I was coming on here to look for this issue. I noticed hitting my FTP which is in your range was hard to hit because I found watts at a low range were heavy. I also notice the speed doesn’t ramp up or drop down according to how many watts I’m putting out. It just seems stuck.

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Hello Colleen!
Welcome to the forums, and sorry to hear this. Your poor legs!
There were no intended changes to power/resistance, in our last release.
I will review our recent code changes for possible side-effects, and alert our QA team.

I have a favor to ask of you and others when reporting Resistance issues:

Could you please include Platform, Trainer, and Pairing protocol (ble vs ant)?

Our game uses 3 separate low-level bluetooth implementations.
One for Mac/iOS/AppleTV, one for Android, and another for PC.
Some bugs are cross-platform, others just affect one platform.

If an initial report contains the Platform, Trainer, and Pairing protocol, it can really help our forum community.

And to be fair, some Zwifters may not be aware that the game even exists on other platforms!

Thank you again for your post and hope to hear back soon with those details.

Thanks so much for the response!

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Snap, and Zwift is installed on my MacBook Pro. I pair using Bluetooth only, no ANT. I also sometimes open Zwift companion on my Android phone to give a ride on, but my main navigation/usage is done through the MacBook.

I did have some issues the last two weeks with Zwift opening and crashing a few times before it would work, but that seems to have been resolved. Basically, the resistance/power issue started for me as soon as the new download happened (either over the weekend or on Monday). I’m not sure if this helps, but when I used to start a planned workout, I would start pedalling, and it would be pretty tough depending on what gear I had left my bike in, but as ERG took over, the resistance would adjust to match the power output required in the workout. Now it seems like it just gets stuck and isn’t adjusting.

You are very welcome! Appreciate you getting us those details so quickly.
I’ve alerted our support team.
Thanks again.

Thanks! I actually just did another workout, double checked to make sure ERG was activated and it was. It worked smoothly - but I had to drop my FTP to about 105W to have it feel even remotely close to normal.

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I am using a kickr v2 and w10. I have raised a ticket but not had any reply yet.

Hello Jared ! So you are on KICKR v2 & Windows 10. Got it.
Very sorry you are experiencing problems.
And thank you so much for posting those details - super helpful.

I used zwift years ago. My smart trainer is a kickr snap, During the pandemic I have used it 6 times a week with no problems. For 6 weeks I trained with the FTP builder plan without problems. After an update last Monday, June 15, I have problems with dropouts of cadence sensor, heart beats, and the smart trainer also. I have connected these sensors to a garmin edge 1030 and there are no problems. Can updating the application cause problems with the connection of the sensors? I use ANT+ to connect all sensors to notebook…

Another issue is that during workout the power is flicking… even I´m used the ERG mode ON… this didn´t happened when I made the FTP builder training plan… this I´m getting reallig crazy!

Yeah I’ve had power dropping out more often in ERG mode as well. I’m still using the trainer, but at 50% of my actual FTP, otherwise I kill myself in the warmup. Something definitely changed for me with the update, but I can’t figure out why.

I’m still suck with L1 support. uninstalled and reinstalled the w10 version with no difference. tested on tvOS which worked fine until a 30 second Bluetooth dropout mid race :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: will test iOS version tonight but this isn’t really a solution, W10 should work.

Still no reply from support…

Wow. Absolutely epic levels of lack of support. Still nothing. 3 support tickets raised now. 24 hours time I cancel everything for me, my wife, my son and I will suggest to our race team that we move to another platform to train as we all cannot use zwift together.

You have 24 hours to at least engage with me.

TvOS with kickr v2 broken
iOS with kickr v2 broken
W10 with kickr v2 broken

No issues with wahoo apps for the kickr

Fyi - every time you email support it moves you to the back of the line. So emailing multiple times is part of the reason for the delay. The other is due to the pandemic everyone is working from home (Zwift support as well), an influx of new subscribers has caused an increase in support emails. They are working through them as fast as they can but responses are delayed. Took about 5 business days for my support email to be answered about 3 weeks ago.

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Thanks for that info. Looks like I’ll be cancelling then as waiting 3 weeks for a resolution to a fault they have created is a joke. I’ve been a happy member for 4 years but they’ve had long enough to respond.

Hi @Jared_Benney, are you all using Zwift at the same time? Could you be experiencing bluetooth interference? Also, Windows 10 updates have been known to cause issues with bluetooth, they have broken it a few times now, have you tried using ANT+? It is a far more stable protocol and rarely has signal issues. Keep in mind, lots of things can cause the bluetooth to drop (using a microwave, fluorescent lights, wifi signals, fans just to name a few).

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I have tried ant+/FE-C/bluetooth and even combinations of these and also thought the companion app. I have also tried it in isolation and also with my son on his tacx flow next to me. The flow has no issues with any of the platforms or any of the protocols. W10 broke for me with the June 11th update and tvOS and iOS broke today after their latest update. The kickr works just fine on the wahoo app and on other apps on my w10 laptop using ant+ and fe-c. The issue is exclusive to zwift and my kickr