Resistance too high after firmware update

Hi, I’ve had my Zwift Hub for around 4 weeks and am loving it. I’m working on the FTP bullet plan, so ride at least 4 times per week.

Today I updated the firmware before riding, and immediately noticed a sharp increase in resistance vs any given wattage. For example I noticed I was working a lot harder than normal half way through the warm up! I reset, calibrated but no difference.

Previously anything below around 120watts had too little resistance to feel (I have MTB gearing) but today I could ride at 85/90 and still feel resistance quite easily. Riding at ‘zone 2’ is usually pretty comfortable but today it felt like an ftp effort. I had to reduce overall power down to 80% plus skip a couple of sections for the first time ever just to get through it.

Nothing has changed at all in my setup other than the firmware update, plus using a garmin heart rate monitor for the first time as I got it for Christmas.

Has anyone else experience this/ know how to fix it please?

Thank you!


Try it again without the Garmin? If that’s the only other thing to have changed then you should eliminate that as a factor.


True, I’ll give it a go asap!!

Do you still have issues here?
I am having the exact same issues…

Hi yes it’s still the same. What I’ve decided though is that there’s a reasonable chance that the resistance was originally too light, and that the firmware update fixed it. I’m new to Zwifting, I’m relatively new to biking and haven’t used a power meter before, so no real way of knowing.

I’m 105kg, 6ft4 and spent quite a few years lifting weights in the gym (but then had a 3/4 year break) and an ftp of 246 didn’t feel unreasonable, but perhaps my newly adjusted 196 is more of a beginner ftp. I don’t know!

At this stage it’s more of an arbitrary number so I’ve just lowered my ftp by 20% and it feels like the actual work done during my workouts is now similar to before, a tad higher probably.

One thing to note is that when I first bought the hub, the app didn’t allow me to do a firmware update at the beginning. Zwift itself kept saying an update was available, but it didn’t show up in the companion app until just after Christmas.

I don’t race so the actual number doesn’t matter much to me, but it had better not change again in a month or I’ll be really confused then!!

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