A lot more resistance since Firmware update

Just did the latest firmware update and it now it seems like there is a lot more resistance in each gear. Can’t see anything in the firmware notes where it mentions anything that should effect my set up.

Before I had a gear that was comfortable on the flat and was getting around 130w or just over easily for an a hour of more. Now it seems like I have to pedal like crazy and my legs just get fatigued in a minute or less trying to get that wattage.
Even going in a slightly easier gear it feels a bit harder but now I can only ever average about 100w where before it was actually hard to produce as low as 100 watts.

Just trying to work out if its just coincidence or that there is an issue with my bike that’s added a load of friction somewhere. I’m using the Zwift hub. I’ve only had a it about a week now. I did see one similar thread but no answers so thought I would ask again. Thanks!