Not enough resistance after Oct Update

So i updated to the new game software yesterday. I have a zwift hub with a 8 speed cassette.
Now when im on a flat section i run out of gears. Spinging at 82 RPM in 8th gear it shows 160 watts and i feel like i should have at least another 3 gears.
The hub itself if fine, used it on MyWoosh to check. On a flat in at 63 RPM in 6th gear it shows 184 watts.

It looks like a game issue. Is there a fix for this.
Noticed that i cant do a spin down on the start up screen in Zwift which is quite annoying

Looks like it was just the Virtual Gearing settings. These are turned on by default after the update. Turned it off all ok.

The pain and suffering continues

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