Issues since new updates!

Hey! Is anyone else having issues recently? My power jumps to over 1000 watts (when i’m doing about 150 watts), there’s about a 10 second delay between me and my avatar, and the resistance keeps randomly increasing for a few seconds… Anyone experiencing the same things or able to help?!

Can’t help you Emily but welcome :slight_smile:
Someone will be along soon to talk you through your set up.
Good luck

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@Emily_Field what is your Zwift setup? (Trainer, Zwift device, etc)

Seen several people talk about this in rides, and you just randomly see someone fly past the entire group like lightning! Some people said resetting all their gear did the trick…

Hi, I use a wahoo kickr snap with a macbook but it’s also doing the same thing on a microsoft pc

Do you know how to reset it by any chance?

Are you connecting via ANT+ or Bluetooth? If ANT+ are you using the FE-C connection as well as a dongle with an extension cable? Are you on WiFi, or hardwired to your network? Are you on the latest version of Zwift?

Hi there. Was this issue resolved? I’m having the exact same issue. Keep recalibrating and it still keeps happening.

I’ve seen happen when running.