Erratic Power & Resistance Issues

Hey All
Was anyone having issues with very jumpy power and resistance issues today? I was experiencing very long resistance lags. As I was doing interval training and the watts would change the resistance was approximately 20-30 seconds late. I went for a free ride as I couldn’t properly do intervals and the resistance lag continued. Also while doing interval training, I wasn’t be held at the required watts in game, for example the game would ask to increase cadence while requesting 180w, so when trying to spin up the watts would climb as well which would then make the game ask to lower power. Usually in erg mode I would start to spin out and the watts won’t climb with the cadence. I thought maybe my power was changed from 3 second power to instant although that wasn’t the issues as my settings were still set as 3 second power. Extremely frustrating as it’s impossible to use zwift with these issues as you can’t climb when there’s a resistance lag because you can’t put the power down in order to climb until the resistance kicks in and you can’t get your stars while doing intervals because it’s hard to hold the correct power and cadence while the numbers are jumping all over the place.

disconnect everything on connection page in Zwift, unplug all cables etc. reboot device & reconnect everything usually fixes these kind of issues.

Thanks mate, I’ll give it a go.