Strance resistance on Zwift/Wahoo Core/MacBook pro

Hi guys, not sure if I’m the only one having this issue - but since few weeks ago I started having resistance when I start Zwifting for like 5min and then some spike would happen and things would go back to normal. Last week there has been Zwift update and now resistance is even longer - like 15min before this spike kicks in and does the reset.
I’ve been heavily Zwifting for a year now and haven’t had this issue until few weeks ago (not sure if it was introduced with some of the updates).
I tried to restart Wahoo Core and Zwift and update my iOS and also restart bluetooth connection, but issue was still there. I attached here a screenshot of what I’m talking about - you can see my HR is super high on low W unit this spike and then things start going back to normal.

I did also Wahoo Core calibration via Wahoo Mobile App, and just few min ago I did that also succefully within Zwift App, but that resistance is still there. Feeling is like I have at least +100W on whatever I should have until that spike.

Am I the only one having this issue.

P.S. I go my new Wahoo Core a year ago (pretty much at the same time I started my Zwift subscription :)) and it has been amazing ride until this issue kicked in.

Please, help! Any advice is more then welcome! :slight_smile: