Resistance lagging on Zwift with Wahoo Kickr Core


When I got updated to 1.18.3 on my Macbook, resistance on Zwift started lagging. Doesn’t match what you see on screen at all. Tried reinstalling but that didn’t work. Pairing with ZC instead of inbuilt bluetooth seemed to solve the problem. Then v1.19 came along. Now pairing with ZC didn’t work as well. Downgraded the firmware of my Wahoo Kickr Core. Pairing with ZC produced the best results. The first few minutes of the first ride resistance is still of but then it seems to settle and the rest of the ride and the next rides that I do on the same day everything is fine. But tonight during the WTRL TTT resistance didn’t match what you see on screen for the whole race. Even after I had done a warmup earlier. This is getting really frustrating and takes the fun out of Zwift. Hope somebody can help solving this problem

There is a issue with new firmware. Do a search on the forum for the update

Hi Gerrie,

I downgraded my firmware earlier to 1.1.1 Just downgraded to 1.0.13 and this seems to solve my problem. Short test ride on the same route as yesterday evening and now everything works fine.
Tnx for reaching out