Wahoo Kickr lag issue

I’ve noticed since I moved to a wahoo kickr from a kinetic wheel on trainer that i’m getting a bit of a lag in change of resistance, when I get to a climb i’d be at least 6/7 seconds into the gradient change as shown in the top right corner by the display before the resistance actually changes and likewise after i’m over the top of the climb the to resistance doesn’t back off for the same 6/7 seconds.
I’ve done a spidown and i’m connected via Bluetooth via the companion app.


Do you have any other apps that are also connected to the Kickr such as the Wahoo Utility?

Thats what I thought but no I made sure I had them all closed, Would it tryiny it on Ant connection and see if it makes a difference?

I have the same problem. 2018 Kickr and a consistent 5-6 second lag whenever I hit a hill and (more annoyingly) also after I’ve crested and started going down. All apps connected to the Kickr are closed down and it makes no difference. Really frustrating in some recent races when I’ve lost contact with the group after a climb as I’m still churning away with heavy resistance long after the gradient drops.

Is it an issue with the Kickr or Zwift?

I also am having the same issue…on short intervals i might miss half the interval with that 5 sec lag.

Same here. Wonder if related to latest Zwift changes with new courses?

Same, with 2018. Mine shouldn’t be a hardware issue, since running off a gaming computer with high end graphics card. I don’t understand why Zwift doesn’t allow their code to anticipate the upcoming gradient change and allow for the lag.

Same issue for me started today, still looking for a solution!

I use a 2018 Kickr Core with Zwift on MacOS. On my free rides today (Saturday, 20 April) I noticed several occasions when the gradient in Zwift changed but the resistance on the Kickr did not immediately increase/decrease. The problem appears intermittent as there are times when the trainer resistance changed immediately with the gradient. When the lags occurred, it happened for both power increases as well as decreases, and the duration of the lag appeared variable.

I followed all troubleshooting on Wahoo’s and other websites including removing all other Bluetooth devices/connections, “forgetting” the Kickr in the Wahoo app, unplugging the Kickr Core, restarting Zwift, rebooting the computer, trying a second computer, and performing spindowns.

Spindowns in Zwift consistently fail at the very end with a “connection timeout” error. Even though the trainer flywheel stopped rotating, Zwift showed 2 mph. Spindowns through the Wahoo app completed successfully, but these finished before the trainer ever got below 5 mph.

The Bluetooth light was solid (not blinking) during most of the rides. I read on a forum post that the light is supposed to blink when data is being exchanged between the controlling app (i.e. Zwift) and the trainer. Zwift always immediately registered increases and decreases in power output whenever I pedaled harder/faster or easier/slower.

Finally, I tried a simple workout in the Wahoo app using all four modes (i.e. free ride, resistance, erg, and sim). As best as I can tell the trainer responded appropriately in all cases.


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I’ve been in contact with Zwift Support and they’re looking into it. In the meantime, they recommended switching to Ant+, vice Bluetooth. I ordered a dongle last night, but has switching worked for anyone?

Resistance control worked fine once I switched from Bluetooth to Ant+.

Interesting, though, there was not spin down button when connected via Ant+. Is this normal?

I’m having the exact same issue - both with gradient lag and zwift spindown pausing on 2secs remaining. It seems to have started for me last week when the updated iOS App was released for the desert expansion.
I connect via iPhone and use the Apple AV connector cable to extend the image to a HP Monitor. I’ve also found the auto images are not being captured since this started i.e. I just get a blank image of the world on my Strava uploads, or when I view the ride in the companion app. That I can live with, but the gradient issue is driving me insane - it’s sometimes taking upwards of 5 seconds to respond where prior to the App update it was instant. Frustrating. Would rather not have to splash out for Ant+, especially with the setup I’m using currently.

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Same lag issue started for me as soon as the desert expansion was added - using a 2018 Kickr and Kickr Climb and latest generation iPad Pro. It is not consistent - my impression is that it gets worse after some length of time into the ride. I tend to get dropped at the start of climbs because everyone else has upped their power output but I won’t unless I substantially increase my cadence or actually change into a harder gear for the 3-10 seconds of lag.

Same here it was fine until the desert upgrade. Using a kickr.
On the upside I can do the London escalator climb a bit easier. :yum:

Same with me. Since the desert upgrade there is a lag on powering up once I hit a climb, and in the training plans when you ride through the banner to do the next segment. Using Kickr 2018 and Apple TV. Very frustrating and started happening immediately after the desert upgrade was released. Spin downs etc don’t help.