Wahoo Kickr & Climb out of sync with Zwift course gradient changes


I am using a 2018 Wahoo Kickr with Climb and headwind connected via Bluetooth to ipad.

I also use the Zwift companion app via Samsung S20 5G.

Recently the Kickr and climb have started being out of sync when reacting to gradient changes on the Zwift course.
Example I reach a gradient incline of say 8% followed immediately by a descent of 8% and the kickr + climb will not react to the incline until I am on the descent!

I tried to do the Etape Stage one but as I got to the top of the climb (before the radio tower), on the few descents before the KOM banner it felt as if I was riding up a 10% incline!

Has anyone else experienced this?

I did email both Zwift & Wahoo support but all the checks they have suggested have not resolved the issue.

Thanks in advance.

ATV4k + Tacx Neo 2T Rode the Richmond WC course yesterday, and during the Cobbled Climbs sector my system was not at all in sync with the displayed slope. Actually I did the entire WC route, then went back and did the Cobbled Climbs sector separately immediately afterward—the system was out of sync on both occasions.


Thanks for the reply. I re-synched the kickr to Zwift via Bluetooth. Did an activity this morning and all seems OK. Kickrband climb reacted in time to gradient changes on Zwift course (Richmond).

Thanks for your help.


I am not using the Climb but have the terrain out of sync problem with my kickr core off and on. It’s frustrating as you can’t really tell its happening until the first hill and seems to get worse with time (i.e the delay between the start of a hill and the increased effort increases). Especially frustrating when doing a group ride. This sure seems like a bug. I have had the effort lag the terrain by several minutes.

I’ve been having this issue lately as well. First 10-15 min of the ride there is no resistance change and then it all of a sudden starts to work. Using a Kickr + Climb + Apple TV with companion app. I’ve tried spindowns and ensured all firmware and apps are updated

I’m having the same out of sync issue. It worked perfect the first time I used it and hasn’t been right since. I pair the climber to my kickr before every ride. It makes no difference. It seems to go up or down randomly and never in sync with the course

Pairing hasn’t helped me

What do you mean by ‘resynced’? What’s the procedure for this?

I’ve had this issue a few times. Worst time was climbing ven top. Also had on Alpe Du Zwift. Really annoying. I was still at 10% half way down the descent. Seems to sort it self out when We start a fresh ride.

I am having the same issue all of a sudden. Is there a fix for this?

I have tried several options. First I updated the firmware for the kickr. It worked fine for one ride. I have to calibrate every time now before a ride. Even the calibration doesn’t fix the issue every time. Yesterday I had to result to not using Apple TV and have to Zwift using just my iPhone. The Kickr wasn’t responding to the gradient at all using Apple TV. Using my phone responded perfectly, with no issues, so the Kickr is working fine. I tried moving the Apple TV box closer to the Kickr, still no better. I am thinking of changing over to Zwifting using my Macbook and using the USB to ANT+ connection. I’m reluctant to do this because when the Apple TV box works, it’s so easy to use and the graphics are top-notch. This issue has become worse since all of the current updates. Zwift needs to look into this, or Wahoo does. Is anyone else is having issues with gradient lag? I’m not talking about a couple of seconds. I have climbed Alpe Du Zwift in the past and was still climbing at what felt like 11% when I had fully descended the mountain. The descent can take nearly five minutes. This issue is so annoying and has stopped me from joining group rides. until I get this problem sorted. One other option is to ensure that the iPhone using the companion app and the Apple TV box are both connected to the internet connection. Mine always are, so not sure this is a solution. I’d be gratetful for any help from others with this issue.

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I’m having the same problem. I was literally standing up in my lowest gear on an -11% descent. I am using kickr and AppleTV. I have only had the kickr for 10 days and my initial excitement has turned to sheer frustration. I’ll likely return it unless I can find a solution.

Perhaps they should cut the YouTube ad budget and fix their product.

This has become a significant problem for me now. 80% of my rides this seems to occur. Same hardware. Apple TV 4K, Wahoo Kickr using the Companion app.

All apps and firmwares are up to date, I do regular spin downs, I unplug the trainer after a ride and also restart the Apple TV versus sleep mode. Nothing seems to work. Anyone find a solution yet?

I turned off Bluetooth on the ipad and then back on and then reconnected to the kickr and the gradient sync with the climb has worked fine since.

only thing that worked for me was to downgrade the firmware on my Kickr core

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@Mark_Robbo How did you do that and into which version?

I downgraded to 1.1.1 but this hasn’t helped. In SIM mode resistance is absolutely not following the gradient. I am furious.

1.0.13 Is the version that you need to change back to

I just got a brand new kickr5, worked great for 5 rides, but today I had the awful 30 seconds out of sync with respect to cadence and power output displayed in zwift, and resistance of the kickr. I hadn’t rebooted my laptop for a week or so, but will try rebooting prior to next ride. Zwift did update itself at some point in the last week. But the kickr firmware has not been updated since I unboxed it and first set it up. Not sure if rebooting the laptop this will fix it for next use, but shouldn’t have to. I’d like to understand what causes this and what Zwift are doing to investigate. Do Zwift monitor these forums or do we have to report the issue?

Edit: Looks like Zwift is aware of the issue, they’re tracking a post titled: Wahoo KICKR reversed gradient [October 2021]

I’ve seen this issue off and on ever since I got my kickr v5 last year. It’s super annoying, you can’t pace your efforts anymore. On flatter maps it may take a few minutes to realize it’s not my imagination. At that point I often have to just deal with it because I only have 30 minutes or so to workout.

Exiting out of Zwift and restarting the app fixes it, when it does happen. I have the latest app updates and the latest trainer firmware. It feels like it’s definitely zwift that’s the problem. The grade changes work fine, it’s just not in sync with what’s on the screen. The power numbers are accurate and it looks as if the displayed power and the displayed grade is used to calculate the displayed speed, but the resistance is for some other grade.

It’s super disorienting. Zwift team, please fix!!