Wahoo Kickr & Climb out of sync with Zwift course gradient changes


I am using a 2018 Wahoo Kickr with Climb and headwind connected via Bluetooth to ipad.

I also use the Zwift companion app via Samsung S20 5G.

Recently the Kickr and climb have started being out of sync when reacting to gradient changes on the Zwift course.
Example I reach a gradient incline of say 8% followed immediately by a descent of 8% and the kickr + climb will not react to the incline until I am on the descent!

I tried to do the Etape Stage one but as I got to the top of the climb (before the radio tower), on the few descents before the KOM banner it felt as if I was riding up a 10% incline!

Has anyone else experienced this?

I did email both Zwift & Wahoo support but all the checks they have suggested have not resolved the issue.

Thanks in advance.

ATV4k + Tacx Neo 2T Rode the Richmond WC course yesterday, and during the Cobbled Climbs sector my system was not at all in sync with the displayed slope. Actually I did the entire WC route, then went back and did the Cobbled Climbs sector separately immediately afterward—the system was out of sync on both occasions.


Thanks for the reply. I re-synched the kickr to Zwift via Bluetooth. Did an activity this morning and all seems OK. Kickrband climb reacted in time to gradient changes on Zwift course (Richmond).

Thanks for your help.