Climb problem with slope change

Hi @all

I have a problem with my Climb. First of all, Kickr V5 and Climb are up to date.
The Climb reacts to gradient changes more delayed the faster I drive, sometimes whole gradient changes are skipped or come very delayed, e.g. the Climb sinks when I am already at a gradient again. This is reproducible, e.g. on the track City Crit in Zwift at the undulating section, but also at Rouvy.
I have also already reset and reconnected the Climb. I have also turned off all possible interfering electronics (fan, Amazon Echo, PC, TV). Connecting via Bluetooth or Ant+, PC or Android tablet makes no difference, same problem.
Since I have not found anything on the internet about such a problem it seems to be a special case.
Can someone help me or is this behavior quite normal?

ok, I am no expert but this isn’t normal. if it is hapening on Rouvy as well as Zwift there is something wrong with your set up or your Kickr. Perhaps you are settting up both programs incorrectly with your Kickr or the Kickr itself is the problem. Did it work ok in the past or is this a new set up?

It has never worked before.

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried contacting wahoo support about this? They can probably assist you better, as this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the platform.

I also placed the question in the Wahoo forum. Waiting for answers…
Next step is the costumer service.

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I am not familier with Climb, but since it has never worked it would seem to be the problem. Do they have a customer service dept. you can contact? It may just be something in the set up.