Kickr Climb not moving

Hi All, Noted a few people have had a couple of questions regarding climbs. I recently got a climb and it seemed to work (manually and on my first ride). On my second ride (today) it doesnt move at all. Manually or via zwift. If I lock it and press up or down i get no response. Also on my ride this morning - which i am pretty sure was not in erg mode etc - no response. I have emailed wahoo as the lack of manual movement in locked mode seems suss, but just wondering if i am missing something very obvious.


When riding in Zwift, I have to make sure the Climb controller indicator light (blue) is on the right side of the pairing indicator light (white), meaning it’s unlocked and can receive data. Sometimes before a ride starts it seems to move over to the left side for no apparent reason.

Also, the “trainer difficulty” must be higher than 0 (halfway = 50% Climb movement). That’s one reason I set my trainer difficulty all the way up, so that I get the full effect of the Climb.

Your situation might be different, of course, but that’s what I’ve learned.

Thanks for the reply Mike, much appreciated!
Yeah it switches to the left side (locked) as a safety mechanism from my understanding, thats just its default so the climb doesn’t go up or down until you are ready (ie move it to unlock for zwift to control it).

I checked my difficulty - its on a 100%! Back to the drawing board :smiley:

How are you connecting the game?
I use Apple TV & the Companion App, using power-meter pedals to control my Kickr18.
Recently (since the last update) the Climb doesn’t respond to gradient changes in a normal way.
Either it doesn’t respond at all, or it can suddenly start to respond after being idle, and it will seemingly go through all of the gradient changes that it had missed until it catches up.
Also, if & when it does kick in, the “button” on Apple TV for choosing the Companion App for BT will not be populated, but the App on the phone will show two or three BT connections active.

Very frustrating