Trainer resistance not matching Zwift game

I use a KICKR Core, together with a KICKR Climb. This set up has worked without flaw for months in an Apple TV running Zwift.

However, over recent weeks there is a mismatch between the Zwift course and what is happening on the trainer. I can be in game, cycling up hill, but the trainer provides little resistance and the Climb is either neutral or pointing down. The opposite is the case for in game descents. It’s almost as if there is a lag behind what occurs in game and what the trainer does.

Flat riding settles things down, after a while, but reach an ascent or descent, the trainer can take up to 60 seconds or more to respond.

Software etc. is up to date on the hardware and on Zwift.

This is getting very frustrating now…any suggestions about how to rectify this issue please?

Having the exact same issue. I’m not sure if it’s Zwift or the latest Wahoo Kickr Core firmware upgrade. I’ll try downgrading the Kickr firmware tomorrow and get back to you.

There’s a growing number of threads about this issue already. Downgrading the Core firmware worked for me. Zwift, to my knowledge, do not acknowledge there’s a problem. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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@Dylan_Honorez - how did you get on?

I figured out how to downgrade thanks to another topic. Haven’t had the chance to ride, I’ll try tomorrow but my guess is that it will be fixed. Thanks for the help!

Downgrading resolved the issue! Thanks again!

@Dylan_Honorez :smiley::+1: Shouldn’t need to have to do this though…hopefully Zwift will repair the bug in a future update.

Just thought I’d chime in and say I am having the exact same issue running MacBook Pro and a JetBlack volt trainer. Running zwift on my phone there’s no issue though.

Hi Nick, I think it’s a known but unresolved issue with some Apple products. I and @Dylan_Honorez Backdated the KICKR firmware, that has solved it. There was another guy on here who pointed me in that direction, check out the number of posts here about it for instructions. Not sure where your trainer fits in to the greater scheme of things though.