Kickr Core Resistance Doesn’t Match Course

Every once in a while, my Kickr Core (bought new in Summer 2020) seems to stop following the course elevation and randomly changes resistance as though it is following a different course. Today it ran as it should till about the 20k mark then stopped following the course I was on. I tried re-pairing the trainer with no luck.

I could be on a 10% grade and be spinning out on 50 / 11 gearing or on a flat and standing on the pedals. Makes no sense.

I’ve tried spin downs and other tests. Nothing seems to be reliable. I do not need a firmware update. I am also running the app on Apple TV.

Any thoughts??

Happened last night for me (and does now and then). I stopped and re-paired and back to normal.

When its happened in the past I’ve:

  • done a spindown, reinstalled Zwift and repaired everything
  • just turning everything off and on again and had success too.

Good luck!

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Thanks Dean! I’ll try reinstalling the app.