Elevation (grade%) does not match Trainer Resistance

On the current version for Apple TV (1.19?). I just updated to the current Apple TV version today. Now, the displayed elevation on my screen does not match the trainer resistance. Not even close. I have also updated my Kickr Core firmware.

What is strange is say, for example, the screen shows that I am going uphill at 5%. The trainer resistance does not match, it is as though there is a lag (but I can’t figure out by how much), so I can be spinning as though I was going downhill, but my speed appears to be consistent with the watts / effort I am putting in.

It is very frustrating, as it is completely out of sync, and counter-intuitive. So much so that I quit several times (Makuri Islands, New York) thinking maybe it was specific to the map. But no, it is consistent.

This is making me crazy - Zwift, please look into this.

Hi Curt, wondering if what you’re experiencing is related to Wahoo KICKR reversed gradient [October 2021].

Did this problem only appear after the update today? And does it seem in line with the issue in that thread-- i.e. the gradient feels like the reverse of what you’d expect?

Yes, I experienced very similar issues. At first I thought it was a leg and that the trainer resistance was behind what the screen elevation was showing. But later I decided it was more random than that. And I think what you’re finding in that forum is that people cannot put their finger on exactly what is happening.

This only started with me today on the new Swift release on Apple TV, I think that’s version 1.19

I did not experience that issue on a previous release. After I got off the trainer, I saw that there was a firmware upgrade for my kicker core. So I did that upgrade.

Then I got back on the trainer again this evening, did another 20 miles, and everything worked perfectly.

So whatever the problem was, it was resolved. It’s hard to believe that the kicker core firmware update fixed what appeared to be his lift problem, but who knows.

Anyway, thanks for reaching out to me. And I’m glad that it’s resolved, at least for me. :slight_smile:

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