Resistance Issues with new update

Seeing lots of chatter about resistance issues since today’s update. I can confirm seeing constant resistance changes on Kickr V5. Have to set trainer difficulty to zero to correct. Anyone else???

When you’re riding in free ride mode around Watopia what kind of resistance changes are you feeling? For example, do the changes seem completely random, do they adjust for elevation changes and then drop back off to zero, or do they just not seem to match up with the terrain?

Completely random, resistance will drop on the flats resulting in big cadence spikes. I am also getting resistance drops on climbs for no rhyme or reason. It seems like interference, but I have not been able to pinpoint the culprit. The only concern I have is the Kickr V5 is brand new and this has been going on since I pulled the trainer out of the box.

Have you tried updating the firmware on it yet? It’s not uncommon for trainers to ship with out of date firmware with odd little compatibility quirks that got worked out very early, but not before the warehouse was stocked with hardware.

Updated to firmware 4.2.8 right out of the box. This issue is present when connecting through Apple TV or MacBook.

Also, now getting resistance changes will riding in a pack. It feels as if the draft is effecting the trainers resistance, but only on 0% gradients. This has been noticed on both a MacBook and ATV.

I would love for the draft to affect the resistance on trainers to save my legs a little on those longer group rides, but it only affects the speed equations. I took a quick peek at your account and I do see some gradient changes in your last ride on the Apple TV that look a bit extreme to me but there’s not really much more I can do with the tools I have in the forums. I would suggest reaching out to us at support so we can take a closer look and link this thread in your message so you don’t get asked the same questions we’ve already gone over.

I am having the same issue using atv and tacx flux S trainer. Did you manage to resolve this issue at all?

I got this too on Richmond via ant+ I switched to Bluetooth and it seemed ok after that